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  1. this link has some help on the game, perhaps it may give you guidance or at least help with other parts you might become stuck at http://www.truesite4blades.com/Home/TrueSite4Blades/doommoonii.html
  2. Thanks for the answer Celtic Minstrel, I guess I should leave the Compatibility options alone then?
  3. It might not be popular but it's 2011 and I'm just getting back into it. Age and modern games won't change how I've always loved this classic RPG. the 2D is what makes this game what it is and i don't like avernum myself, i am sure lots of fans did like it but to me it just isn't blades and the graphics didn't really buy me at all, i didn't like those semi 3D graphics but yes they needed to move on but for me the classic is where my heart is
  4. Hi, I just got downloaded the latest version of BoE from the google projects page, and I have a few questions, I am grateful if I get a response. On the Compatibility options, I don't really understand these and two are already checked "Legacy Kill Node" and "Waterfalls won't work on town." What do those two mean? Do I need to worry about any of the other options, or those 2 checked ones? Also another question, is "darker graphics (Mac)" option meaning it is only for Mac OS? If I check what difference will there be when it is unchecked? I am on win7. One more, in the IMAGES folder there is a "FIELDS" and "FIELDS_D" where the only difference is that in "FIELDS_D" the slime and ashes are slightly darker sprites. Same sorta thing happens with "MIXED" and "MIXED_D" How come? Is it related with the "darker graphics" option? Sorry if it's a lame Question, I doubt it really matters, just curious. Thanks very much if anybody responds!
  5. Great idea, but the popup search window is glitched. No scroll bar. I took a screenshot. Would be cool if you could fix it since I am planning on starting a scenario myself (doubt anyone will play it, of course) and it would be a nice little archive for me to take a look in. Keep up the good work Screenshot: http://i51.tinypic.com/23vj7vc.jpg
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