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  1. How do i get across the chasm in chasm cave?I see a camp on the other side.
  2. S M Adventurer.I didnt find a adventurers club 1 walkthrough in true site for blades.
  3. I hate it when i have no clues as what am i supposed to do in a scenario.I have to go around like a headless chicken and try everything i can think of to make the story go on.Like the adventurers club scenario.
  4. I did but he keeps saying to check on the four disappearance cases
  5. What quests can be found in independence city and where exactly? How do i solve the quest about the slaughtered cows in the zoo?
  6. Ahbleza i talked to Bonnie and she just wants to join my adventurers club.She doesnt give me any quests.
  7. yes to all three questions.I searched the bookshelf.Something about demons.I searched the desk in rune and found nothing and i spoke with the mage about sapphire in Malachite. Now what?
  8. I checked out the school in rune and found nothing.I checked out palvers home and i found nothing.I checked out the university in malachite and i found nothing there as well. i didnt see any new event after i returnted to Astervis and talked to him.He keeps saying the same things as before. Did i miss anything?
  9. How do i recover those tablets from the wizard?
  10. How do i continue with the missing persons story?I checked out the old ruins.I found the dead mages.I took the stone tablets to the wizard.He found nothing.I also checked out the other missing cases and i found nothing helpful.
  11. How do i pass the runes protecting the nethergate?Im at 32,20.Ok i know how.I have to go through the portal and again through the portal to reach the guard house to pull the lever that opens the front gate leading to a teleporter to nethergate.
  12. I found a secret door at 53,4 and at 50,14 in the conveyor belt room.Is there another secret door in that room? I also pressed the buttons on the pedestals on these two places but nothing happens that i can see
  13. yes i found them.Im at the conveyor belts now.Thank you for telling me about them How do i get into Balkis room?The door is locked. Also how can i reach that pedestal in the northeast corner of the conveyor belt room?The conveyors on left and right are going down not up and i cant find a secret door to get to it.
  14. What do you have to do at fort nether?I placed the candles on the pentagram allowing me to use the teleporter.After i got to the next level i found a bunch of monsters,a records archive,with some notes, and a pedestal with a button on it.After pressing it nothing obvious happens.Now what?
  15. Thank you for your help i I got the scepter and now im at forth Nether For anyone that wants to know you have to put the colored candles on the each end of the pentagram in the order described in the note you will find in the fort :)I knew those candles were important
  16. I searched everywhere and i found only one secret passage at 22,31.Where are the others located?
  17. How do i get through the labyrinth on the next floor without running into those telporting spots?
  18. How do i get to the altar at 17,49?I see a pedestal in front of it and i tried to place the prayer book on it but nothing happens
  19. What is the first thing you have to do in adventurers club 1?
  20. Im stuck at the entrance to the next floor near that high priest that doesnt attack.
  21. I prayed at every altar including two hidden altars.One in the library in the northeast and one near the cauldrons in southwest but i still cant get up to the next floor.Theres a whisper that says that "i havent done all my prayers"but i cant find any more altars.Help please .Almost forgot.I also prayed at the hidden altar near the lava pool in northeast.(
  22. How do i get the onyx scepter from the Urlak Nai?
  23. I saw these coordinates a few times while reading walkthroughs but i never figured out at which coordinates i am.Where can i see at which coordinates i am?
  24. I got it.You have to make a few special potions.First being the corrosive gas to use on the closed porticulis in the northwest corner of the estate.Thank you for your help I
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