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  1. Is HTML enabled? Ok I am just registered and I tried that keyword(spidweb) there were no results. Can you please give me some direction to join you a guys. I will be a nice newb
  2. Spiderweb chatroom with HTML for everyone. Is there any such place? If no is anyone interesed on our most trusted site(google, I am working for it). If yes, can you please tell me with a link(and I will stop). Hi! I am going to be a fan too.
  3. Originally Posted By: Randomizer From the instructions for Avernum 6: X's Falling Anvil (Min. Mage Spells skill 17, Costs 25 spell energy) - The most powerful attack spell available to mages. It strikes foes in a circular area with an intense physical blow. As you gain more skill with this spell, the damage increases. Effect: Does 30 damage plus 1-6 points per point of spell strength to all foes in the circle. No one gives his most powerful spell so this has just one meaning that I will be his foe or very trustworthy so which one is correct? Maybe it depends on my decisions like A5
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