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    Max Skills?

    I've been try Doom Moon II with 1 character, and it's incredibly difficult. Do you know where I can find one a good god-party type scenario (they just supply you with super powerful armor correct?)? So there isn't any way to increase your skills beyond their max? I assumed that since it was open source now, it would be easy.
  2. Is there anyway you can increase your skills past the maximum amount? I'm looking to do a few very high level scenarios using just one character, and they wuold be impossible with just the current maxes.
  3. Well, I killed Erika, and every time I activate the controls, I'm teleported back to the entrance. I'm sure I activated all the crystals, (10). Although the message changed to say that she had greater difficulty in doing it. Do I just need to do this several times? Or is there something i'm missing? Thanks for the info so far.
  4. If/how can you complete E3 if you kill Erika?
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