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  1. My first scenario is almost ready to release, I just have to wait for my beta-testers to finish so I can fix any errors. It's a small, classic exile-type scenario, intended for a low-mid level party. While I'm waiting on the testers to get back to me, I'm also working on my next scenario, a huge one for Very High level parties. I'm guessing that we don't really need a bunch more easy ones, correct?
  2. Ah, I see. Thank you. Is there any other site that will sort the scenarios by rating? (G, PG, etc) Because I play them with the kids, and I don't want any R rated scenarios. Thanks!
  3. I've had a number of parties over the years, mostly entirely mage/priest/fighters. At the moment, however, I'm using a more varied party, as follows. 1. Tsissy - Slithzerakai swordfighter/thief 2. Krath - Slithzerakai pole/bashing weapons fighter *Those two I just made up Slithy names for* 3. Embrodak - Nephil archer/alchemist with some swordfighting skills *Embrodak is shorter than Em-tarkanderunders-gunderson, which wouldn't fit. (both are from Homestarrunner.com)* 4. Della - Human magic-user 5. Theresia - Human magic-user *Those two are fairly self-explanatory, just ordinary human names, no special meaning.* 6. Angraumar - Nephil magic-user *I just stuck letters together randomly for this one.* So, there you go. My current exile party. Although I had an extremely boring three-person party at one time, named Warrior, Wizard, and Whatever. I'll leave it to you to guess their skills. ;-)
  4. I think I got it from Alexandria, though it may be one of the older ones I got from the original site, I'm not sure which. It says version 1.0.0 wherever I can see.
  5. I never knew of any compatibility issues, and on my 5-month-old Vista they work fine (at least E1 and Blades, I don't own 2 or 3), and I don't think I had to mess with them at all. But I agree with the op, Avernum isn't the same. Exile just has something that Avernum doesn't, ancient graphics aside. (I actually like the old graphics better, to be honest.)
  6. I was playing one of the new scenarios I just got (thank you everyone for your help, btw), it was Roses of Reckoning, or something like that, (scenario name asociety). At some point near the end, I was exploring the town where the final battle occurs, then opened the gate thing, and then when I tried to go through the gate into the area where the climactic battle was supposed to take place, it asked if I was sure I wanted to leave the scenario, without ever creating the final encounter. So, I went into the scenario editor and tracked down the cause of error. Apparently when I was exploring I entered a door that sets the same flag as winning the final battle. I was able to fix it for my copy, but should I report this to someone, or is it old enough that no one would care any more? Thanks!
  7. All the sites I've seen (other than the official one, which as I understand it is very incomplete) seem to only have Avernum scenarios. Can someone give me a link, or something? Thanks! Also, how should I go about distrubuting my first scenario once I finish it? It's very small, but I'm almost done.
  8. I just got BoE a couple weeks ago. I've wanted it for years, but could never justify buying it, so I was quite excited when I found it was open source now. I'm currently working on two scenarios, but I don't know if they'll be very good. I'm still learning the editor. ;-)
  9. Hello, everyone! I'm new. I just got Blades a few weeks ago, finished the first scenario (vallydy), and then added a few custom scenarios from this site. I've been slowly working through Echoes: Assault, but now I'm stuck. It's in the third (I think) fort, where you have to sneak around slowly. I snuck around to the north, and died. I snuck to the south, and there was a guy who ran off and a series of events that inevitably lead to me starving to death in the prison! And the official walkthrough doesn't have anything helpful. What do I do now? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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