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  1. I see you are back into modding and editing again...until my computer works smoothly with GF5, i cant do any major modding myself but ill try yours speaking of custom items and max stats, i have manage to create four charms each increasing 4 stats, however i cant equip all four, i can only equip two or three depending on what charm and what stat it increases...
  2. Now the charms...do the charms still exist in-game? If so, can you list all the charms that exist please?
  3. I was wonder what are the best equipment out there for your character... im trying to make an editor that give you these items and then im done with the editor so i can post them here Thank You
  4. Did you change anything on the script silver shadow cause i dont remember doing any unbound drakon changes. i only said from creation to human changes. Well anyhow, if you have the original version on the gf4items script then my suggestion is that you copy paste the original graphic template number for the cryodraks or just paste the whole original script over the modified one... same goes to unbound drakons Edit: for you to still able to create an unbound like drakon you can just change the color number for friendly drakon creation script.
  5. Im back, Anyway Like i said in my previous post there are certain limits with certain stats, like let say your intellingence. With too much intelligence it can blow up you mind,even your skull OR in other words, give you negative energy. In your case, you might have pass the limit with actions, like your previous version of the editor you have an armor called ACtion Armor that increases you action greatly. NOW, the limit for action is I think 32(includes support spell) so that means that WITHOUT spell your MAX action is suppose to be around only around 26-28 okay Other causes may be too much quick actions or maybe your dex. Hope this helps, pls reply so that i can look for other bugs and flaw ASAP so that i can help you if this doesnt work okay
  6. Quote: Originally written by Micro Phage: Note: It's not necessary to replace an existing item. (Thereby losing it.) You can make custom items, with some work of renumbering lines in scripts and adding new items to gf4itemschar. Do this VERY carefully. Many item types contain info in the beginning of a type and you have to pay attention because following lines will not repeat the same line and some lines added change it and possibly everything that follows. Look close at custom gems and godmode items in my version. Edit: Typo.[/QB] Yeah I know but I just got lazy and all, so didnt bother to tell people to make a new items and just replace it. But thanks for the info and all that
  7. Did you guys try the appearance effects yet or the shape a shaper script. Hope you people like it. OH and Micro Phage if you need any more help, I am willing to help as long as i am not busy. You're Welcome. More ideas on the way...
  8. Oh and i almost forgot to save you changes once you are done so that it may take effect on the game.
  9. You can now shape a shaper, an agent or a guardian and be your allies. you can also shape the 5 pc characters. All you have to do is do the same fashion as my previous post. Copy Paste the code replace it with the three numbers i provided plus you can browse the graphic number for other characters too. like let say create a townswoman or a golem. I havents check with characters that dont move but ill try. BUT dont be eager to try it just yet. Some creations like drakon and eyebeast, when you change their graphics you may find that the new graphic is unproportional. What i mean is that if you try and click on the character, you cant click it. the clickable area is a couple of millimeters away. Unlike your character, you have to find the circle. To remove this effect (thankfully) you may find that there is a script that says something with numbers and the word statistic like this: cr_statistic 2 = 5; Now if you dont have the original copy of gf4itemschar file. Cut this and paste it on a blank notepad or word doc. if you do, then simply delete the code that looks like the above and delete all existing codes like that in the desired creation's script area. The reason i want you to cut and paste so that you may revert back to previous creation graphic. More to Come
  10. I know that this isnt original but here goes: Do you want to play as a shaper, guardian or an agent then just folow these steps. Find The script area in gf4itemschars notepad file where all five PC characters are. (ctrl-f then type begin pc) Find the graphic template script on the desired character like this: cr_graphic_template = @@@; Now in the @@@ area type the following numbers to be the following characters: 110=Shaper 100=Guardian 120=Agent NOTE: to save you some trouble i have tested serveral other characters as well (eg. make your char a golem or a townsperson) They came out fine BUT if you use a spell where your character uses two hands in casting the spell (eg. support spells or aura of flames) The game will slowdown or probably shutdown. The reason is because unlike the the original 3 and the new 5 PC characters, other creatures doesnt have the 2 hands action because jeff didnt draw for those characters. Also, I had this project dedicated to Delicious Vlish to make your character a vlish. "I had this idea that you play as a vlish. You are on a quest to make yourself delicious. You then heard of geneforge . You arrive at southforge Pol takes you upstair. Then your about to use the geneforge. You dip your tentacles and then suddenly you feel sudden urges to taste your tentacles. You then find out the you are delicious. You marinate yourself in the geneforge only to find out that greta wants to eat you. You run into the woods and find a shaper camp. General Crowley sees you and with one quick look, his saliva starts to drip, he hasnt eaten for days. Both sides are trying to get you. Also the trakovites, even though they hated shaping, they like to eat you too. you are exceptionally delicious." But the game rejected the idea. When i made the changes and about to start the game, the screen went black then back to the desktop in a blink. The game wouldnt start properly. Fyoras, Artilas and creatures of the same fashion also havbe the same problems. So if you try other creatures be warned More to come
  11. For the Godly Equipments I created i only have a few but before that, a warning: Excessive stats may cause errors,game freezing, corruption or a negative value. Examples. A creation may only have around 135 and below in each four stats. More than that may cause your game to freeze.(Note that the creations level may increase the stats so be warned[ive tested this to a level 120+ creations and they have stats around 130]). More than about 55 in dexterity may also cause game freezing. Ive tested this as a lifecrafter, so if you have more than 330 intelligence and at around lv60, your energy may become negative. It depends on the character you use really. around 300 should be fine. FOR THE ITEMS: A belt to increase creation's stats begindefineitem (replace an existing belt item by inserting number here and erasing old item script); import = 167; it_name = "[insert Name]"; it_graphic_coloradj = 64; it_value = 2000; it_protection = 100; it_pet_stats_to_affect 0 = 0; it_pet_stats_addition 0 = 70; it_pet_stats_to_affect 1 = 1; it_pet_stats_addition 1 = 70; it_pet_stats_to_affect 2 = 2; it_pet_stats_addition 2 = 70; it_pet_stats_to_affect 3 = 3; it_pet_stats_addition 3 = 70; if your maxing out your stats,recommend to leave it at 70 because of reason above otherwise change it to around 100. I call this my forcefield bling as it increases 100 to parry, endurance, healing craft, so metaphorically speaking with this stats you'll feel like your surrounded by a forcefield. Oh and ive also put ability to be forge with item enhancer. (it_can_augment script) begindefineitem (insert number); it_name = "[insert Name]"; it_which_icon_inven = 9; it_graphic_coloradj = 256; it_protection = 500; it_value = 5000; it_stats_to_affect 0 = 7; it_stats_addition 0 = 100; it_stats_to_affect 1 = 3; it_stats_addition 1 = 100; it_stats_to_affect 2 = 18; it_stats_addition 2 = 100; it_can_augment = 1; it_graphic_coloradj = 2; Increases Intelligence up to 10 servant minds (+250 int) begindefineitem (insert number); import = 183; it_name = "[insert Name]"; it_value = 5000; it_protection = 150; it_which_icon_ground = 11; it_which_icon_inven = 5; it_stats_to_affect 0 = 2; it_stats_addition 0 = 250; These items are only for those who want to play as a god in gf4. Be warned that there may be some side effects to it. It is only tested slightly. More to come soon
  12. Also Micro Phage you meant like this right: For Battle Magic code = set_flag(1,12,9); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),10); set_flag(1,12,@); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),10); set_flag(1,12,@); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),10); set_flag(1,12,@); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),10); set_flag(1,12,@); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),10); set_flag(1,12,@); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),10); set_flag(1,12,@); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),10); set_flag(1,12,@); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),10); set_flag(1,12,@); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),10); set_flag(1,12,@); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),10); break; Just replace @ with the battle spell numbers down there. Like i said in previous post i have to go to bed now and i got lazy as well LOL Firebolt-40 Burning spray-41 Searer-42 Ice spray-43 Lighting aura-44 Essence orbs-45 Acid Shower-46 Kill-47 Essence Lances-48 Aura of flames-49 You do know the rest right, just attach this a talknode. If this is what you meant
  13. I have to go to bed now but before that, test this thing first. This is the code to make your character become a shade or glow or become a charge thadh kind of effect. cr_graphic_appearadj = @; replace the @ with 1,2,3,4. 0= default 1= Shade Effect 2= Glowing Effect (Charge) 3= Static Effect (like a blank tv channel/charge thahd) 4= From normal color to darker color (kinda like 2 but reaper turrets effect) To put effect; let say that you are playing as a servile. Go to gf4itemschars script file. Then find the script area for the PC characters (i think it's creature #45 in the script). You are a servile. Copy paste code in the servile script area with the number effect you want. Preferably Script after the graphic template. You can do this with your creation too. Do the same thing as before on your creations. But check first if the same code exist in the creation's script. if it does, then just change the effect to desired number. Also if you want your creation and just your creations to have the desired effect, you have to paste the code to hostile creations and other variations of the chosen creation For example: A drakon. It has drakon friendly, drakon hostile ur drakon f, ur drakon h, unbound one. If you want to have a charge drakon or ur drakon, and are the sole charge drakons, you have to also put the code on the other variations, and put the effect no. 0. Though there are only 2 side effects; I think that orois blaze and chonryss drakons are base on the ur drakon script you can create so whatever effect you put on your drakon, it also affect them but from what ive seen so far nothing else. If somehow you dont understand the steps i have given pls feel free to post a comment here The others will be tomorow i have to go to school you know so go to bed early
  14. I would like to share some of my experience with geneforge editors: First, you said that you want to edit the editor so that it change your skills and spells to 10 each. So I have been making my own editor base on your editor and editor from GF3 and come up with this: Although its in 30's egintalknode 197; state = 6; personality = 0; nextstate = -1; condition = 1; question = "(Place your hand on the obelisk)"; text1 = "You feel great. Your enemies shall fall before your might."; code = set_flag(1,12,0); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,1); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,2); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,3); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,4); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,5); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,6); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,7); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,9); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,10); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,11); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,12); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,15); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,16); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,17); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,18); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,20); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,21); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,22); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,40); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,41); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,42); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,43); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,44); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,45); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,46); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,47); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,50); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,51); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,52); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,53); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,54); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,55); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,56); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,57); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,60); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,61); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,62); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,63); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,64); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,65); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,66); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,67); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,70); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,71); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,72); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,73); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,74); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,75); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,76); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,77); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,80); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,81); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,82); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,83); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,84); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,85); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,86); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,87); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,88); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,89); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,90); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,91); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,92); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,48); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,49); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,58); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,59); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,68); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,69); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,78); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,79); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,93); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); set_flag(1,12,94); alter_stat(get_sdf(1,12),30); break; Although some of the abil numbers are unused i just kinda got lazy and copy paste and add new abil numbers that are not in GF3 and that are in GF4. I have also made some godly items that are not only increase your stats but you can also make 7 creations with 120+ stats each. If youre interested i can send you things that i change in the script, though i didnt change the storyline, i just change things like, make you and your creation glow (eg a charge Fyora) or make you a shade, turn your drakon creation into one of the human characters (eg. a shaper) etc. I am just sharing some of the fun things i made to the community...
  15. First of all i know the damage types from 0-6 in the script but after that it seems to be only physical damage but whats the point of having 7-9 if they dont have any difference Also i am at the end of the game and of course i use showmeall cheat, when i went to khyrykk's hideout theres a door behind him and theres an enemy as well but i cant reach or even open the door, Also, when you meet the three battle beta theres an enemy as well behind those bushes but i cant get to it too, can anyone help me!!??
  16. I found it much easier now, i manage to kill it in a couple of swings, bites, and touches, thanks for the tip everyone
  17. why dont you just change the level of a normal creation so that it match the strength of a charge creation and if you want its attack, change the attack ability number
  18. i cant beat it, i am currently playing in the Torment Setting and i am a rebel. This unbound keep on dodging my attacks then after that, it fires beams killing all my creation and dishing out 75% of my Health. even though i already have all the blessing and protections on all creations and my character it still kill me...
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