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  1. hi jeff and all; finally had time to re-install and ran the directx version: black backround and ALL text is there, much faster running speed but still slows a bit when the screen gets busy, yet almost at a playable speed for the most part. kinda slow response time when clicking [ie. dialogues, equiping etc] but for the most part bearable! however when fighting 1st vlish almost crashed. screen vanished for a long minute, but then came back! couldnt believe it and think there was some kind of un-spiderweb related update from apple pushing through. did save several times with sucess. will keep t
  2. the new beta with update installed and loaded perfectly! installed and started while running 24 bit high color on winxp s/p2. all text and instructions are there, running smooth and didnt have to open the directx version. whatever you did, well its great for all of us 'old timers' congrats jeff and great work! way to hang in there. rclear666 out. let me know if you have any config questions on what i was running
  3. new beta update loaded perfectly. all text is present and looks great. i loaded in 24 bit high color and didnt need to run the directx version. seems like you have cured the problem us 'old timers' were having. write back if you are interested in any configuration settings i was using, and congatulations, you are the man! rclear666 out!
  4. it appears you have done it! the edited version of beta 2 installed and loaded perfectly. the earlier version [before the 1pm edit] didnt work but the update did. i loaded and installed while running 24 bit high color and i DIDNT have to run the direct x version. all text is present in settings and instructions as well as ordering instructions on the title screen. havent started to play yet but it all looks fast and smooth. will check back to see if you want any other info on my configurations. congrats to you and all of us old timers as well! you are the man. rclear666 out
  5. well i put your new file in and went to instructions [ 16 bit ] and im sorry to say no differance. jeez i was hoping. at this point as much for you as me. at a loss for what to say. thanx and rclear666 sadly out!
  6. hey jeff im home and trying it now brb!
  7. one question jeff, when i copy the new file into graphics core should i be replacing the existing 250 file? and should i be in 16 or 24 bit graphics mode? will be back yhis afternoon, and again thanx for all efforts rclear666 out
  8. will try and reply but gotta go to work, be back 4:00 est
  9. well thanx for your time jeff, it is appreciated for sure. i believe the problem is the very old monitors some of us are using. i know i for one am going to replace mine with a newer one, at least one with 32 bit ability. am sad this happened and hope that there isnt too many of us having this issue. SOOOO if i do find a new old monitor i will let you know how it all works out. again, it sucks but life goes on, right? but life without gf5, well that sucks. thanx for tryin and keep the good work up! rclear666 out
  10. i am wondering: would service pack 3 make a differance, any one know????? jeff are you out there?
  11. thanx pyro ok pc specs; 256mb syncram, 3dagp graphics with intel direct agp 82810E intel chip, xp home sp2, 1.2ghz intel celeron. i think its because im running a very old monitor that only offers 16 and 24 bit high and true color modes. have domloaded and un and re-installed many times nut not yet today. all other s/w games have run fine. also running lan modem; comcast cable. man i sure do want to play this game!
  12. or maybe wait a few weeks till this mess is straightened out,,, i hope sadly thanx rclear666
  13. sounds like your telling me to give up or get a new machine. funny it doesnt work in compatability with 2000, 98,nt,or 95. guess ill be content with the ;old' games that work
  14. hows this one? i downloaded the new version as i only have 16 and 24 bit color and low and behold the game opened right up and started, however all option screens, such as settings and most of the title and description screens only had white boxes and black vertical lines, NO TEXT. therefore i cant change settings. game will run but NO SETTINGS control. anyone seen this yet? please help
  15. patch didnt work, BUT just talked to jeff on the phone [very cool] and said the problem is for people like me who only have 16bit color drivers there is no dialogue in the box on the resolution screen. this will be repaired by tomorrow, no patches necessary and downloadable from the regular games dpownload screen. however he did recommend uninstalling and cleaning out all current gf5 program files. thanx jeff!
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