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  1. I'm running the newest versions of the avernum trilogy on a Mac running 10.4.9, and the game speed is ungodly slow, even just moving my party takes a noticable amount of time. Is this something that can be fixed in any ways other than the settings in game, which help a little, but not as much as I'd like?
  2. I know how to do this on a pc, since everything is stored in .bmp format, but it seems like the mac stuff is all in .dat files. Does anyone have these files to replace E1 and E2 graphics?
  3. I have E1,2, and 3 registered on Mac OS 9, and want to move them to another computer, also running OS 9. I tried to just move the Exile folders, and that worked for E1, but E2 and E3 unregistered and they have new registration codes. Is there a file somewhere that I can transfer to fix this, or do I need to get new codes?
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    Oh well. Ok, thanks.
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    I was playing A4 and noticed (fairly quickly) that the expose active screen corners are still active while I play. I know I could disable these any time I want to play the game, but I was wondering if there was a way to disable these easily when I play? Edit: This holds true for G3 too, although not for G1 or G2.
  6. b

    exile 3 in xp

    I'm having the same problem, and I've been messing with the compatibility settings and can't figure it out. If someone who knows what the settings need to be could post how to get these to work, that'd be great. Thanks
  7. Hmmm...It sounds like a glitch. That "shadowy figure" is important, and should appear in the form of a shaper at the NW table of the bar. If he's not there, there's a problem.
  8. I really like that the canisters affect you so much. I also like the fact that for choosing a sect, it doesn't just say: there are the blank, blank, and blank: choose, like it did in G1 and G2.
  9. Well, you can just go up and hit him: I did it with a drayk, a gazer, and a shaper. My drayk was pretty much useless, but it drew fire for a little bit. If you want to use the crystal, the controls are in the passage just to the west of the crystal with the red flashing crystal; it's just a lever like to open a door. Watch out though, the crystal will damage your creations quite a bit as well.
  10. You are allowed to help the Shapers as a rebel in order to get to the creator. Just help Rahul and the island will become easier.
  11. I just reached the geneforge, as a shaper allied with the rebels: I have been doing rebel missions such as help rebels on swamp island, repairing the creator, killing the shaper on gull island, and finally being told to meet Litalia and the drakon in the Geneforge. When I get there, Litalia greets me and tells me to visit the drakon. However, immediately after ending that conversation she starts a new one beginning "she looks with pity on one she knows she must destroy" or something like that and then kills me. Is this a glitch or do I have to kill Litalia?
  12. Quote: Originally written by Azul: Quote: Originally written by Ald: You all are missing the point. Have you examined carefully the lady that meets you outside of the school? Read the description, take a look what creations she has with her. The G3 concept is drastically different from previous games in the series. No longer it is shapers justice vs servile justice, it is whether you protect the system you hold a rather humble place in or break it in hopes to gain some power in the new world. Cmon, you don't really believe these slogans about justice and freedom? They are just slogans, propaganda to attract the ignorant masses. The rebels tend to treat everybody just like Shapers, or worse. I purposely left a vague description of the factions and their general goals. I would rather he go through the dialogue and the story and figure out what is really happening on his own. I know there is more complexity too the story than I said, but why say everything when giving a general statement. Also, I beg too differ on the statement of this being any different from the other two Geneforge plots. There may be variations in setting, characters, side stories, and things of that nature, but the basic concept itself is almost exactly the same for all three. Actually, I agree w/ Ald in that this game is different. The other two games are about serviles and how you will treat them. They are both order vs. liberty: the order imposed by the shapers that hurts serviles and creations vs. the total liberty of a servile run society. In G3, the whole moral question is almost moot and serviles seem to disappear from the main ideas presented in the story. This game is all about power: helping the people in power maintain the status quo or grasping for more and more personal power. There is no longer a freedom loving side, there is no longer a side that you can say: "They are obviously right" (like the Awakened, or some would say takers in the other games). That is why I think that the factions and choices are better designed in this game: there is no clear moral leader; there is a lot more gray area because the "idealism" of the last games is gone.
  13. Loyalists; I don't even think it's debatable. The shapers have some problems, obviously, but all the problems with shapers are the same with rebels. They also kill creations (and humans and shapers) at least as much (and probably more) than shapers. They also seem to be moving in the direction of subjecting serviles to drakon rule. Plus: In G1, the takers (and Trajkov + Sholai) were pretty idealistic. They wanted freedom, plain and simple; they realized violence would be needed. In G2, the takers and drakons wanted freedom, but also power for the drakons plus lots of killing of shapers: a sort of end justifies the means mentality. Now, in G3, it has moved beyond that to a sort of rhetoric justifies the end and means mentality: meaning that as long as people like Litalia continue to talk about freedom, they can do whatever they want (which means gain lots of power without any thought for ethics and kill everyone while pretty much ignoring the whole idea of freedom for serviles). Serviles, meanwhile have been forgotten and manipulated by a movement that started to help them but now is only an insane power grab by drakons and rebel shapers. Edit: and Samurai: really, when you examine the real world and this war, there are almost no similarities at all (and I'm not saying that because of shaping, magic, etc.: they just aren't at all comprable.)
  14. I was trying to do the second part of the testing ground and I simply cannot even get close to killing the first golem. I have a glaahk, a battle alpha, and a vlish (w/ almost no leftover essence). Is there some way to beat it that I am just missing?
  15. So, I'm playing and I'm on Dhonal. On the first island I killed the Creator thing, on the second island I helped the rebels and gave Lankan the canister. Also, most (but not all) of my answers have been pro-freedom/anti-shaper status quo. Now on Dhonal Litalia said to fix the machines and that if I did something to hurt her cause again I would not be forgiven. Then I helped Lord I-can't-remember-his-name by talking to the drakon (I said research and then kill) and by freeing the general. Does that count as betraying Litalia? Can I still fix the machines and join the rebels or must I be a loyal shaper now?
  16. Is it possible to drop not all of one item: if i have 10 tools and want to drop 5, can I do it. I can't figure out how.
  17. b

    BoA download problems

    I'm running XP Home Edition on a Dell.
  18. I've tried to download BoA multiple times, and from different links, but it never works (on Windows). Towards the end of the install it asks for a Disc 2 and won't install the actual .exe file. I get all the data files and scenarios, etc.
  19. Edit: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I double posted! This topic must be cursed
  20. Something is wrong here, how could I possible TRIPLE post!?
  21. Jeff should really bring back the GF1 version of unlocking doors. I find it extremely annoying that i have to use, say, 4 living tools instead of 1 living tool and the unlock spell.
  22. Why would it just be a creation? It seems to me that to be the huge threat that the suspense makes it out to be it will have to be something with a little more "shock and awe" value than just a bigger better creation-that-we've-already-seen.
  23. b

    E1/2 help!

    I've tried that before, it says the same thing.
  24. b

    E1/2 help!

    help! I'm having a problem with e1 and e2 where I can't play them. When I get on the game it says that the game will look strange because I have less that 256 colors. Then when I click ok instead of continuing the screen goes black. What's weird is that I am running in a lot more that 256 colors (32 bit true color) Does anyone know why this happens or how to fix it (e3 works fine)
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