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  1. Quote: Pict is to my knowledge the standard Mac picture format Not any more. It's deprecated as of 10.4 (along with the rest of QuickDraw). TIFF, PNG and JPEG tend to be used for image resources in apps these days.
  2. Quote: Originally written by Tyranicus: Any chance of a carbonized character editor? Uh, yeah... I got it to the point of almost working (just not opening the external resource files properly AFAICT), and then promptly lost access to my computer for two weeks. I'll send the patch to Khoth soon.
  3. Quote: Originally written by *i: It should compile/run in classic mode. Yep, building it for OS 9 should be relatively simple if you have a copy of CodeWarrior. Quote: Just curious, is anyone actively going to work on carbonizing it? Yes, Khoth and I are working on it. So far I have the character editor compiling with no warnings, now I have to get it to find the resources in the graphics and sound files.
  4. Khoth, I haven't encountered a VCS that will handle resource forks out of the box. You could probably do some AppleDouble magic using commit hooks, but that's a pain. The first thing I did with the source was to move all the resources to the data fork by running "DeRez foo.rsrc > foo.rez && Rez foo.rez -o foo.rsrc -useDF" for each resource file. As I mentioned above, this is the Apple-recommended way to store them these days, since it helps apps to not get destroyed by zip. I've made an XCode project that will build all three BoE apps (once carbonisation is complete). I've been doing some carbonising, starting with the character editor because it looks the easiest. I wouldn't want us to be duplicating effort, so maybe we should try to coordinate, and share a source repository?
  5. I'm also seeing zero-sized resource files. It looks like the compression was done using a program that doesn't know about resource forks. Possibly the best fix would be to convert them to data-fork-based resource files before compressing, since that is the preferred way to package resources in Mach-O apps anyway. On another topic, has anyone set up a SourceForge project or similar to coordinate development of a "baseline" modernised version of BoE? Having a version control repository will make life much easier if there's more than one person that wants to work on it. I have some ideas for future development directions, but they can wait until after the code actually builds. Finally, allow me to join in saying a big "Thank you!" to Jeff and co. for releasing this.
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