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  1. Ah, yes, he does. I went there once but it wasn't obvious how you'd get the third part. Had to go through all the previous conversation stuff again to get it.
  2. I have the other 3 parts, but not the 3rd part - where do I go for it?
  3. I'm at the Slith Fortress, but can't get past the gate there. I've pressed all the secret doors I can see (and blasted the obstacles using the Magic N spell) but I can't see any way of getting past the gate, or any mechanism to do so. Have I missed a secret door somewhere?
  4. It's the only quest I have still to do, but I can't remember ever coming across him.
  5. No, I had my slith warrior standing next to him hitting him with everything he had.
  6. He teleported twice, until he ended up in the bottom right corner where the secret area is; then for some reason he stopped and wouldn't die. He did his little speech each time he died, but then nothing. Luckily I'd saved just before attacking him, and when I went back to that save, I knocked him down again and then he disappeared into his special area, where I killed him. I'm not sure why it seemed to have locked up and he wouldn't die before though.
  7. He just doesn't want to die! I've got him down to v.wounded, and he disappears, then again, and he disappears again, ending up at the bottom right of the map in that circle. Now he's been on the slimmest of HP left according to the HP bar, and I've done a couple of thousand damage to him since then, but he still won't die. How do I kill him?
  8. Hi all, I'm stuck on the Nephilim bandits mission - I've talked to the farmers, and they say look at the mines to the south. I've been to both mines just south of there, and there's a locked door in the bottom one which I can't open. Do I need to get in there to finish this mission, and if so, where do I find the key? Cheers!
  9. I've got through the Vahnatai lands and on to Melanchion's keep, but I didn't see any place to get a new route for Dionicio - where is it?
  10. I've ended up on the dark river, where Melancthon the dragon lives, having come out of the pit, but I haven't been able to open up the gates between here and the vahnatai area - is there any way of getting back there, as I still have quests to complete, or am I stuck now?
  11. Can't find the thing. I've looked all over the area, chatted to miners etc about it, but still haven't come across it yet. Whereabouts is it?
  12. When do I know that I've successfully completed one of the trials? I think I did the first going clockwise after entering, the one with the ogre statue - by leading the goblin to the statue - but I'm not sure if that's all I have to do or not.
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