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  1. Well, Jeff did say that the passage of time would not affect whether you can complete the game or not right? Things are deteriorating really badly as I think my old game is in day 177 and I have yet to go to Blackragg Fortress. I can't seem to remember my horse(s) in many occasions and sometimes in a hurry I may just leave them behind. Suddenly I remember and have to travel by foot back to get him. The passage of time in my first game is beginning to worry me as towns look horribly destroyed I completed the Tower Of Magi (the tower collapsed). I was also wondering what is that option in the editor that's called "slow down tower of magi timer"? What does it mean and... another question. When I was in Gale and I heard the voice that told me to go to the tower of magi because demons had invaded it. I went right away like you already know, but who tells me that? Did Erika's amulet allowed me to "hear" that voice or was it telepathy what was that?
  2. Emz don't worry, I do not think losing horsey is quite a "bug" but one of those things that was bound to happen when you leave your horse behind in changing places. It is probably the main reason why reset horses is available in the editor. Jeff did a pretty good job covering many things. Continuing the old game sounds like a great idea. I started a new game for the sake of finding bugs, and wow the things I missed! I am only in Ghikra but I must say that I missed a lot. For example, I did not realize I could buy spells from Koriba. The Vahnatai who gives me the Soul Crystal. Also Kyhar sells me Alchemy which I brought in my previous game. At this point I see Jeff comments that prices are "high" and "average" there. But this early in the game I'd do anything to get those things, so I don't care if they're expensive! Well, time to gather more gold LOL. It might take me some time, but I want to see how far both games go, and hopefully finish them both. And of course come back here to report any oddities I find. Thanks for letting me know that it is possible to do things in the wrong order, by avoiding talking to people. I will keep that in mind and pay close attention to what people say in the towns
  3. I thought so. However (and hopefully) this forum will be here for some time and if I find a bug at least people would know that there is a possibility of one, if some steps are switched around in certain towns. I think that the portals should not be accessible as soon as you reach the surface. Just my opinion. To me it was like "wow portals!" I thought again and said "well I am sure that if I wasn't supposed to use them something will stop me!" Boy was I wrong! And of all places I had to choose Shayder! Rest assured this time I will not use the Editor, unless I get stuck in a town though
  4. Ok if this helps anything, I am on an eMac. Sadly the answer to whether the game has bugs other than the ones listed, I would say yes the game has bugs. For example I lost my horse to moving puzzles twice. I had to reset my horse those times. Luckily the Editor does a great job when it comes to horses and boats The first time I lost my horse was somewhere in Valorim where one of the fairies had a nice "forest" I kept moving about on my horse. I got off the horse and I was told that all of a sudden I was somewhere else (nearby). Horsey was gone and a tree was where he was originally. On the entrance to the moving puzzles (barrels), right on the spot where you do not get let in if there are barrels about, I placed my horse there (duh) After I brought down the barrier, I came back to that cave from the outside, once again horsey was gone. I am at this time making a brand new game for the sake of figuring out whether there is a bug here. This is so far my second attempt and if I indeed find that there is a bug I will let Jeff know ASAP. Thanks everyone for all the help! -- EDIT: I checked and I have the latest version 1.0.3b thank you
  5. Yes, I do believe it is too late to report bugs. However do you think that there is an updated download that corrects these bugs? My trilogy CD is several years old. About using the editor to get the spells, if I started the game over without the spells, and did everything in the order I did them; I am almost certain the same would happen. There is really nothing keeping a new player from entering the moving puzzles cave. Also the place with the portals to get anywhere around Valorim should not be accessible until you have completed the slime plague. The ritual sanctify is also accessible if the person should encounter the place to get it early in the game. However if this is true, a brand new player not knowing about these odd happenings; would get stuck as well. I would like to try it but I am afraid I do not have the time for it. -- EDIT: Technically speaking, using a walkthrough to play the game will definitely spoil the game, just as much or more than adding the spells would. Whether adding the spells or looking at a walkthrough both are a way of cheating in one way or another but, I tried not to consult a walkthrough until I found that some things were not happening properly.
  6. Before I begin, I bought the trilogy several years ago, but had not played Ex3 seriously (I passed Ex2 and I gave Ex3 a try, but didn't get far). Upon starting the game I gave my PCs all the spells with the editor to help me out with early fighting. I should also mention I have a 2 year old who is very cranky, and makes reading very hard for me! I went back to begin my new game, I searched all Fort Emergence and searched all upper Exile. I did everything I was told to do, including get a soul crystal. Then I went on to the surface. The first thing I did was go somewhere north to a tiny hut that had several portals. I went to the portal to the town of Shayder. (the other places said they are dangerous so I did not go there) I saved the game but panicked when I realized that perhaps the portal was not a wise choice, so early in the game. I did not talk to anyone. I spent a day or so (real life) looking for ways to get out of the (started to dawn to me) island. o_0 YES I had no clue I was in an island LOL. Killed lots of roaches but I do not think I solved that particular mission. At this point I DID NOT want to spoil my game by looking into walkthroughs. I found a way to get out, to the left most of Shayder there is a dock with a ferry that carried my party back to Valorim to the town of Marish. I was wandering around looking to get back to Fort Emergence so I found the giants lair, I avoided Lorelei and Sharimik. I just went in and killed everyone in the giants lair. Including Nagas, worms and whatever. I left. So far I had completed some nasty encounters and battles WITHOUT speaking to the right people! I KNOW I should have spoken to the people, but I thought that if I killed everyone that eventually, it would all fall into place. Shortly after I "learned" Word Of Recall from a Vahnatai cave near Marish, I completed that cave. Not knowing how to get back to the Fort Emergence area; I assumed it was safe to use Word Of Recall upon "learning" it. At this point the Orb had not been stolen and the Formello murders had not happened. So I went back up to the surface, visited Kriszan and completed the slimes mission as soon as possible. I went around and learned that Lorelei had horseys! So I went straight there and got myself a horsey! I bought Hawkes Manse. I was wandering around and found the troglo cave with the altar. I fried their evil altar without hesitation. I went to Castle Troglo and they DID NOT let me in. I went to Sharimik to find a way to get in, I did everything I was told, I got a scroll which I assume where instructions on how to get to Castle Troglo, but I did not read it. Meanwhile I didn't realize that the scroll was what I needed to get into the Castle Troglo. So I went to wander around I found the cave with the moving walls puzzle. I DID NOT know yet that that would indeed bring the barriers down! I avoided troglo side and went up the giant's side, went back to Fort Emergence. The murders happened. I went to the cave of the murders. I also went to visit Erika and she let me wear her amulet. I decided to figure a way to infiltrate in the Troglo Castle not realizing that the scroll from Sharimik was what I needed to get in through the front. So I went back to the moving puzzles cave again to look for a way to give the scroll to the troglo leader. I went into the Troglo side, killed everyone EXCEPT Elhioc. I went up the hidden passage and was inside Castle Troglo! I DID NOT realize that this was NOT the right way to get into Castle Troglo, so I spoke to the Troglo king. He told me to go back to my cell. I had no idea what he was saying. I went down the secret path again and killed Elhioc. Upon going back up to Castle Troglo nothing happened. I decided to consult a walkthrough. According to the walkthrough I understand that I was supposed to get a message from the troglo king angered by the murder of Elhioc, triggering a fight with the troglodites. At this point I was convinced I had done something wrong. It seems I was supposed to go back to Sharimik to give them the message that the Troglo king gave me before going to break the barrier. So I went on to give them the message, it was "we will defeat you" Well, guess what, the troglos are still friendly... Still I think this mission is complete but I am not so sure. I seem to have done a lot of things wrong because I had not looked into the walkthroughs. Meanwhile I am upset that I was allowed to go into castle troglo automatically after breaking the barrier. There should have been a "force" stopping me from going up, if I had not completed those steps: being imprisoned by the troglos and getting the first scroll At this point I went back to Sharimik and I was told to get the Dispell Barrier Tome. But I am still unsure what I should do next and getting ready to start the game from the beginning At this point I do not think blaming myself for this is fair. Since the only thing I did with the editor was give myself all the spells. And I am known to like to play games in a very unorthodox way, doing things in a very weird way I should have been a beta tester. I know I could go on to complete other missions but I am too scared for surprises later on!
  7. Well, knowing the version of Exile he is playing might trigger response on where to get certain recipes for that version of the game. If he doesn't have enough skill to create the recipe he wants, maybe there are others he can make, right? In that case, yes it does make a difference. I never did alchemy in Exile 2. Never saw the point. But I have done it in Exile 3 several times for the invulnerability potions. I usually don't see much point in poisoning my weapon. So, poisons is something I do not use much. I've replaced that with a Major Blessing spell, which is much more effective in other aspects.
  8. Is there something to find in those islands? Why would I bother to fly to them? I mean, I am playing and I am wondering if I'd be missing much.
  9. If you don't know the recipe you can't make it, as mentioned your PC has to have enough skill to make it. It would also help to know which version of Exile you're playing. In Exile 2 you can get a few recipes in Egli.
  10. I found a way to step and get the platform to grow a bit, allowing me to go to the other side with 3 boxes. Apparently you can walk on water sometimes; if the water is shallow enough http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3454/3221342440_f9e25e09e1_o.jpg Special thanks to 'Randomizer' and 'Meatspace Invader' who helped me out with this I would have never done it without their help
  11. Aw, I see... Out of all things I just didn't think about that! He is just staring at the wall. Pretty funny if you ask me, he looks as if he was just there thinking LOL!
  12. You guys were right, it seems there must have been some chatting I needed to do before the Orb was stolen. Last thing I did was break the barrier for the giants and the troglos and I spoke to some people in Shamirik. Either one of those could have helped. Also I killed the Sliths in the minning cave. Either way the Orb has been stolen and I am quite joyful about it too!
  13. I am currently in my 105 day of the game and still the Orb Of Thralni has not been stolen. To make a LONG story short, when I went to the surface I decided to explore a bit and found a little hut with portals in it. I paid the old man and went to Shayder because the other ones said they were dangerous. Anyhow I went there and got lost because I had no idea I needed to board a ferry to get back. So I started the battle with the roaches and such. At around day 20 or so I used Word Of Recall to go back home and went back to the surface. I also recently checked the cave where the New Formello murders occurred but yet the Orb Of Thralni is there still. By looking at some walkthroughs I see that should occur within 26 to 100 days. I am afraid I may have missed something. I did go to Krizsan, Lorelei, Shamirik, beat the slimes etc. I just dunno why the Orb is still there o_0
  14. The message on the sign is not completely direct since it could have two meanings. However I also found out soon enough how to get in. When I went back for my horse he was gone though Second time I lose my horse to some moving puzzle It took me about 20 minutes to get into the crystal barrier and another 15 to kill the doomguard who kept splitting *yikes!*
  15. Ah, thanks that's more like it And wow, I must say the game is quite hard with a six pack of PCs, I only tried a solo party in Exile 2 once and soon chickened out. It was quite difficult! I only managed to complete the vahnatai tests by that time I quit. I finished the game with my 6 PC party though
  16. I have been wondering for days about this friendly silent giant in Lorelei: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3355/3215031002_bc5bbe09b5_o.jpg He looks so funny just standing there However the other day I was so ticked off with the battle with the giants that I saw the giant in Lorelei and set quickfire in the room. Sealed the door and window with a force barrier so that Lorelei wouldn't go in flames LOL... Oh I feel like such a bully *evil grin* But then again giants are supposed to be the ones responsible for some of the wreckage on the surface, I felt I just couldn't let that one go just because it said he's friendly. Cool thing is, when you do quickfire on the floor people don't get mad at you! I also set New Formello on fire when I started the game because I got ticked off with all the people there; they are all nasty, specially that idiot Foley! (No wonder they murdered him, who'd like a guy like that anyways?). So I guarded the sliths in the bedrooms and fried the town.
  17. Here I am after trying a few other things. The platform didn't get any bigger Perhaps you are thinking about another similar platform in the game? However I do believe Jeff Vogel forgot to place the special that takes you there. If you look at this screenie again: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3516/3214198634_28606bb430_o.jpg you will see that there is a similar passage to the south (towards the east). Strangely enough there is nothing there, even though I thought that would be it. I guess Jeff forgot that one? :-/ You both are somewhat right. I am sure those boxes have things in them. Also the barrier can not be opened within the giants dungeon; but I got outdoors and went east to a cave that had moving puzzles, I had to push barrels off and stuff then I destroyed the crystal pedestal which made both giants and troglo barriers come down. I was too scared to go the troglo side just yet. So I went to the mining cave somewhere nearby and killed the sliths. EDIT: I found the way to get to the boxes in the Giant's Sub Lake, for more info please check this: http://www.ironycentral.com/forum/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=152489Post152489
  18. Thanks I will give that a try I have a feeling there is something important that I missed here, I read a couple of walkthroughs and it is hard to know exactly what I am missing because screenies are usually not provided, and sometimes location is not either.
  19. Ok so I am in the giants dungeon and destroyed their altar and such and I got everything I need, but I have a few questions. I found this Subterranean Lake in the giants dungeon that has a small ledge, then the water wont let me get to the other side, this is a screenie: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3372/3213193439_2b69f0c2c3_o.jpg I want to get to the other side, how do I do it? I tried searching all over. I used Orb Of Sight and I can see on the map that there are boxes there. Anyone able to get there? By the way, going up on that special sends me to this: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3516/3214198634_28606bb430_o.jpg Also in the giants place too, I killed everything (NAGAS, WYRMS, ETC) but I still can not got to the barrier and open it? I went to the corner with the "click" and I tried again to no avail. What is that click for? o_0 The barrier: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3448/3214198630_bc6a8367ca_o.jpg The button that goes "click": http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3533/3214198622_d56b3d01cb_o.jpg Please help this giant dungeon is a pain!
  20. Originally Posted By: The Bow in the Clods Bless really is ridiculous in Exile. A fully-powered blessing gives you +40% to hit, +40% to dodge, +8 to damage, and a flat -8 to all incoming physical damage which is the most ridiculous part. Perhaps you need to modify your strategy. Blessing my characters did a lot of benefit in both Exile 2 and 3. Usually I have one, or even two speeding items in almost (if not all) my PCs. Whenever I can find someone selling them I grab it (they are indeed rare). Also don't forget the advantages of the editor. If you hate to cheat, at least do yourself a little favor and get a ring or helm of speed from the editor, one for every character. In addition, when I enter battle mode; I cast major haste right away. I summon a few basilisks and troglodyte khazis. The khazis are weak (health 50) but they can cast kill which is great. Major Blessing (poisons weapon) and a Bless Party. If you can do all that in one round you're set. When in doubt cast Avatar which you can get from the dragon (it is Sulfras or Athron?) on your PC (or your most vulnerable one). About the solo question, I believe (personal experience) it will be impossible (if not nearly impossible) specially when your PC gets dumbfounded. If you should get dumbfounded and you're deep in a dungeon, say your prayers... Unless you have the potion of clarity (alchemy) you learn from the dragons as well. When your SPs run out that would also hurt quite a lot too. Good luck either way!
  21. Quote: Originally written by Thuryl: http://www.google.com/search?q=%22thread+ necromancy%22&sourceid=mozilla&start=0&start=0& ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8]http://www.google.com/search?q=%22thread+necromancy%22&sourceid=m ozilla&start=0&start=0&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8[/url] ... 752 search results, presented as evidence that there are plenty of other forums where people frown upon bringing back dead topics. what do you know, in a massive world of trillions and trillions of web pages in Google (and at least one million gaming message boards), it so happens that the whole internet has 752 topics of frowning about bringing up dead topics in message boards (usually at least 6+ months old). Its ok, because I removed the topic as best I could. I would have deleted it if I could as well, my advice is surely not appreciated around here. It sounds humiliating to even have some ironic proof of such insignificant problem. It so happens that to belittle or humiliate a poster are also within rules that don't seem to be followed around here. I didn't do double posts at all, I wasn't going to post a reply to an individual message within my previous message when it had nothing to do with what I was talking about in the previous post. Talking about board affairs and rules can also be consideredd an off-topic post, when the moderator could have sent me a personal message instead of posting to the whole world. I am truly insulted. I guess this is goodbye.
  22. Quote: Originally written by Eldibs: I just use, um, nefariousness to upgrade my weapons. It's a lot cheaper, and gives you many more options. I happen to have purchased the Trilogy, but those who only bought the game and didn't buy the editor wouldn't be able to use the magical weapons the editor gives. -If that's what you mean. Originally I played the game without cheating or using the editor. If I had to ever use it I would get Gold/Food only. There are others out there who will do that as well just for the challenge.
  23. The Alien Blade is neither. The only property it has is that its always poisoned. If you look into the information of the Alien Blade, the MAGIC button is unchecked/black. Its a non-improved, non-magical item. I used Pandora's Box to change my gold value to 27,000 right before I spoke to the Vahnatai in Mancuso. Now, as I look into the Alien Blade (P) info, it shows the MAGIC button green. There is no other seller around unfortunately (to sell to and bring the gold up), and Tokor-Te is not interested in buying my stuff either. It worked fine the game is responding well. I think (if I remember correctly) that the earlier Exile 2 versions could carry up to 30,000 gold. One of the modifications that Jeff Vogel made in the newer version was to lower the gold to 25,000. Maybe he needed to do that to take care of a bug (?) There was a few things I didn't like about the latest version that I used to like about the previous version. The cave floor being blue and such is just one I remember. It used to be grayish/dark brownish. Unfortunately, I had no idea of the modifications so when I upgraded to a new computer I just decided to download Exile 2 again. And was surprised to see the new graphics and such. Oh well. I think the creator originally intended the weapon to be augmented. Its logical, however he forgot about the gold detail. Looks like the only way to do it now is with a game enhancer/modifier. Others like to call it cheating but I am only getting what was intended to be in the first place.
  24. Quote: Originally written by Princess Ruth: I appreciate you're a newbie, so I won't go to town on you... However, please check the date of the last reply before you post. There is no need to resurrect dead topics. I don't remember seeing anything like that in the "Exile Board" rules. I never heard of such thing and I've been part of tons of message boards throughout the interner for 13 years now. There is such thing as "lock a thread" if you don't want any more posts into it. The last post was a month ago, not 6 months ago. It wouldn't make sense for me to make a new thread for the TEST OF MIND when there is already one. I may be a newbie here but not to the web, also I've been playing Exile since it was first released and came in my MacAddict/MacHome CDs back around 1996. I just happen to want to pass it once more in more detail.
  25. The Vahnatai Tokor-Te is willing to augment my Alien Blade. However, how can I afford to pay 27,000 gold if the limit is 25,000 gold? Is this a non-fixable bug?
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