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  1. I played the avernum series and i wanted to try BoE. When i play VoDT everything works fine but nothing works when i try out any other scenarios...it loads up find but when i take a step i end up in the middle of nowhere
  2. Is it just me or is it that Jeff wanted to mix Geneforge and Avernum together in Avernum 4 as compromise... The gameplay in Avernum 4 is so similar to Geneforge that its annoying me >.< Does anyone feel the same way or is it just me.....
  3. I'm not sure. I know the 25 luck and/or strength is for the bracelet outside the castle but i'm not sure if it is for the alien blade.
  4. Are you sure it has anything with the gauntlets? They're uncursed and I like the protection it gives.
  5. I must have been an idiot to rob that bank. I got my Dread Curse cured by Mother Clarisse and I still get the disease. It was like a special note that tells me my party got sick??? The only cursed thing I have are the Phyrrhic Gauntlets, and Bloodthirst Spear although I got all those uncursed. Please Help???
  6. I robbed the castle treasury and I've been ill ever since. I would walk around and everyone would be diseased for some reason. Can anyone tell me if this is the consequence of robbing the castle?? I have no cursed items.
  7. It's true that spellshards are similar to abilities however, using spellshards use 5 ap just like any other spell while abilities don't cost any ap.
  8. Hi, slight problem however. In my game of Avernum 2, I never know how much arrows, bolts, or thrown weapns I have when they're equiped. Is this something wrong with my comp. or just something wrong with the game???
  9. Is it true that a point in Magery is the exact same as a point in intelligence??? If it is, than why not just buy a couple knowledge brews instead of training in Magery
  10. I heard that new creatures you make, for example, after you increase your fire shaping, are better than the old ones you kept and battled with you. How does this change with Geneforge 2.
  11. No, there's no trainer in Geneforge 1, the trainers only appear in Geneforge 2
  12. I've noticed that if you create a monster and use it to walk past the coloured mines the mines won't explode, but when "you" walk close to it, the mines do indeed explode. If the maps are any bigger you could use the monster as a scout
  13. Quote: Originally written by Me, Myself & I: Well in GF1 Agents only got limited spells and Shapers can only make up to the third level creations(dryaks, glaaks, and battle alphas), and the Guardians got an advantage. But since GF2 came out, everything is quite good, but the game is unbalance, I mean Agents suddenly got a huge advantage and shapers got to make creations that the Shaper council can't make and Guardians got a little bit of improvment. So my point is, I think GF2 is better than GF1 because there is more balance with the characters you pick. I agree, the game has to be balanced. I'm used to playing solo in everything, and the agent seemed to be the ideal chocie, but when you have 3 attack spells, and the shapers can summon almost everything, you feel left out all the time
  14. Trogs for sure with their defenders and khazis
  15. Is Nethergate really worth you're money, its $30 and its been like what 8 years old???
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