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  1. Uhhhh I would just download IE and use it to download those picky files. . .Its useful to hav ea copy of it around anyway since some older websites only work with it.
  2. If it helps at all this much later try fooling around with the little buttons on your monitor (they should be there. . .) and make the picture come up a little.
  3. I didnt know this problem could be fixed without running dual operating systems! lol thanx ill fix this too to run Exile trilogy on my new dell.
  4. Yea I found it! THAK YOU!! Thanx everyone for helping, staffers can delete this topic if they want too. thanx all
  5. OOOOOO thanx! Do you know what its called?
  6. drop down menus? All I get is a little screen which has places to enter "flag 1" "flag 2" and "flag 3". . .You press shift+d to open it right? And the menus. . .The ones at the very top change when u open it?hmmmmm ill have to check that out EDIT: The screen says something about hows its used for debugging and that if u dont know what ur doing dont save ur file. . .So i typed in random numbers and the little dialouge box changes to say the flags are changed. . .weird. ..
  7. I think Jeff should keep up with the Exile series. . .Its better than anything else hes made!
  8. Sry to say that I think you are probally too weak for the dungeon. . .My mage is at level 23 and my party is still to weak to take the ones behind the mayors house in formello. . .Just go somewhere else and level up a bit.
  9. I dont know!! I just want to be able to do anything with it! If someone cold just link me to a decent tutorial or sumthing. . .The only one I could find was for Exile III and in JAPANESE!! Im desperate!
  10. I would definatley take it because its not hard to get another 10 exp! Its not really a big deal!
  11. I feel like such a noob asking for help but here it it. . .HOW DO YOU WORK THE EDITOR IN EXILE 2?!?! I have no idea what to type into the "flag 1" "flag2" or "flag 3" things. Can someboady please help me? I have looked for days on google and nothing helped!
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