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  1. I do basically the same thing as Kel and Alorael. I have spells that do the exact same things as most potions and scrolls; I never have a need for them.
  2. Watch your step while you're there, though. It's called the Pit of Voles for a reason.
  3. But... it's part of my name. I'm sure it will be fine. XD EDIT: But, just in case, I'll add a little something to my sig.
  4. Wall-bumping will always have a very special place in my heart, but, given the new engine, I don't think it's really practical anymore.
  5. Quote: EDIT: To change my reference to Catapult. Must be careful referring to certain people by their "first" name. I take it you originally called me Pig? It's quite okay. I actually prefer to be called Pig or Piggy. "Catapult" is just way too formal-sounding to me. XD
  6. I really, really DON'T want to see the Exile dialogue system. Typing keywords to NPCs makes me twitch. But Capture Soul/Simulacrum are my favorite spells ever, and strong summons definitely need to come back.
  7. In A1-Blades, I always had the same party setup, and I always sorted my inventory the same way. -Char1 is my Slith/Pole/Tank, who carried all of my "To-sell" loot -Char2 is my Nephil/Archer/Theif, who usually just carries lockpicks and as much ammo as he/she can, and occasionally loot that Char1 doesn't have room for. -Char3 is my Human/Priest, who carries around all the food I hoard but never end up using, and is the only one who ever uses the Rit. of Sanct. He is usually the guy saddled with items for collection quests. -Char4 is my Human/Mage/Apothecary, who I always give the Cordelia graphic, and carries all of the herbs I find, along with any unique items that I carry around (She carried the Xian Skull, Orb of Thralni, and Jewel of Return in Av3, for example) Also, as of late, I've taken to naming my party Peyn, Grefe, Deth and Tackses, for the lulz
  8. Oh, I love fanfic. I remember I read this great Exile parody once, back in the day. And then I pined for more substantial fic. >_>
  9. I personally hate-hate-hate-hate the A4+ games and their engine. The old, slightly-clunky gameplay style of the old Avernum games is what I fell in love with, and the new engine just strips away all the little gameplay quirks and tricks I enjoyed so much, and replaces them with a more "streamlined" system that is completely different in a very bad way. I don't want to see a Blades of Avernum 2. Ever.
  10. That would be interesting to know. I'm also curious about this.
  11. Because they don't grasp that a game can be fun without cheating? I once knew someone who swore up down and sideways that video games weren't fun unless he could god cheat his way through everything.
  12. Heh. My opinion's changed so much in four years. They still look like Roswell aliens, though. I think that the Vahnatai are a little full of themselves in A2, but I'm loving their spells. Fluffy the Ur-basilisk is my friend, especially in large battles. Cuddles the Null Bug is also awesome. In A3, I really thought the little Vahnatai kid was awesome, but Rentar really needed a good smacking. The mental image of my female mage (Cordelia graphic) slapping Rentar across the face is very amusing for me. I think Rentar would die of shock. Actually, I think she needed a smacking in A2, too. Her pretentious attitude got on my nerves. The Vahnatai in VoDT are made of awesome, and not just because they saved my butt from quickfire. They're just awesome guys. All in all, I think the Vahnatai are a very interesting race, but I'm not sure I'd want to meet one.
  13. Do buckets of water do anything, or are they just a refreshing-but-effect-free drink that weighs 20 pounds?
  14. Most quest-related thingies are Special Items, as a rule of thumb. Unless it's a "Collect a (usually unspecified or indefinite) number of Item X for me" kind of fetch quest. Then it's usually an inventory item.
  15. Those cows have always frustrated the bejeebus out of me. *nodnod* I also have always wished that I could round up the lost cows and get them back home.
  16. I really like the Avernum trilogy games, and I really like to roleplay on forums and stuff, and I thought it would be fun to play in an Avernum-based forum RP, but I don't see an RP section here, and I haven't found anything on Google, and I was wondering if someone could point me at a game of this nature?
  17. Quote: Originally written by brock petersdorf-nelson: i found those toadstools used them in a potion, it became potion(+), and the character that drank it gained two strength. dunno if it was a glitch or if Jeff stuck them in there for that reason Oh wow... I wonder what happens if you agument a pile of herbs and make potions with them.... Maybe it does the same thing? Someone should test this.
  18. Okay. Thanks. I'll try that. ~EDIT~ It worked! Thanks.
  19. I have the folders for Valley of Dying Things, Za Khazi Run, and A Small Rebellion in my BOA scenarios folder, but Diplomacy With the Dead is the only one showing up. I thought it might have been one of my other scenarios messing something up, and so I deleted all of those, (since I can always download them again), but I still can't get those to show up. I'm not sure what's wrong, but could I get help?
  20. Quote: Originally written by dram: I would live in Lorelei. I think that's where my MANSION is! teehee. Hawke's Manse is boring. It needs multiple stories. ~_~
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