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  1. I hope those piles of coins match the registration fee exactly. Now THAT would be a sweet feature.
  2. Creating a friendly preset encounter with move type 0 will have them follow the party around, but it will be possible to lose them (quite easily). So maybe when the party gets to whereever they're supposed to guide these guys check the distance between them and the party and make them go fetch them if they've lost them.
  3. Hm. Would it be possible to set targets for the npcs using some custom item? That'd be pretty neat, though I'm still not entirely sure how the npcs' targetting works.
  4. There's a nifty diagram on page thirty of the documentation that explains this very well.
  5. Well, I'm struggling with one I like to call "Troubled Transit", at least for the moment. It's based on the peace between Avernum and the Empire post-A3, and the people of Avernum's return to the surface. Nothing fancy, you won't be saving the world or anything. Some traditional "kill the baddies" and "find the whatsit" quests as well as some prejudiced avernite-hating empire npcs and a weirdo religion for the temples.
  6. Oh, I see what you mean. It's totally fixed now, thanks. Now to deal with the other hundred bugs in this thing.
  7. Well I *would* use the town details thing but that only allows placement within the outdoors sector you've placed the town in. Or is there some tricky way of putting it in another sector?
  8. So here's the situation: There's a town, let's call it "town 0", that I want to be connected to the surface AND the underworld. Just like fort Emergence in A3. So I plop down a special encounter in town, refer it to state 12 in the town script and in said state I write this: beginstate 12; change_outdoor_location(2,0,25,7); break; To me this looks like it should put the party in (25,7) in section (2,0). To me this makes sense. But something's obviously going wrong because no matter which what_section_x, what_section_y, loc_in_sector_x, and loc_in_sector_y I give it it always sends the party to (29,31) in whatever (what_section_x,what_section_y) I've supplied. Have I misunderstood the function of change_outdoor_location or are there more sinister forces at work here?
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