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  1. I love simulacrum! Thankfully you don't need a soul crystal for it in BoE (cause spec. items gets wiped )I'd give up the editor if my chars had a "skill" number that effects their to hit as well as dodge.
  2. Nethergate, in my opinion, wasn't bad, but I would buy a sequel. It wasn't quite up there with the Exile/Avernum games.
  3. Ah, the original Exile. Fond memories. I did find the blue floor kind of strange after i updated, but I didn't have a problem with it.
  4. I don't use the editor as a general rule unless I'm completely stuck (like "teleported into solid rock" stuck). That's the thrill of Exile for me- can you match wits with Jeff?
  5. In Geneforge 2, i got farther with an Agent than any other character. they start swow because they have no creations and they don't have quiote the combat prowess of the guardian, but later on they can become powerhouses of magical destruction.
  6. Guardians are, in my opinion, the easiest to start with, and the hardest to play later on. They don't die with two fire bolts like a shaper, and they can easily tear most early enemies limb from limb. However, unless they learn alot of anatomy and melee weapon skill, they'll be hurtin' later on.
  7. The Nephil pics are interesting, but i'm still not sure how to use custom graphics. Anyone got any advice, or know a good tutorial?
  8. It's not in a scenario, it's when i try to make my party. I don'y use the prefab party because I've grown up on Spidweb games and know how to make a party. I'm using win. 98, and my computer runs so fast I need to set the game to Very Slow to see how much damage I do.
  9. In BoE, when i start a party,I wind up having three (or more) different characters with IDENTICAL STATS, and it's really starting to mess with my head. What's wrong?
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