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  1. Nice time for me to get the Avadon series ! Steam now has Avadon 1 and 2 for a ridiculous £2.99 each and Avadon 3 at £5.99 .... If anyone else is on the fence it's an ideal opportunity. Edit.....Entire Spiderweb back catalogue is on sale.....you know it makes sense 😉
  2. Hi Alhoon and TriRodent ! I buckled thanks to TriRodent and just downloaded the demo but just so I can see the intro and background and maybe a 15 minute taster just to check I like the premise as both art style ( colours) and mechanics are evidently very different from Avernum. Not sure who I am kidding..... I am sure I will like it...but much like Alhoon I am very cautious about avoiding spoilers for a proper adventure. It is a matter of huge satisfaction to me that having just freed the prisoners from the Nephalim fort and reached level 11 or so in Avernum EFTP I haven't consulted any game guides...(so have had some very close to total party wipes) and this will be my approach in this game too. As an aside the game balance and pacing on normal for a noob like me is absolutely spot on in EFTP so I hope Geneforge will be the same. All the best Ian
  3. Tempting as it is to try the demo I am battling my way through Avernum EFTP for the first time at the minute and as my first experience of Spiderweb games is so incredibly positive I will definitely buy Geneforge on full release as I want to go in totally blind. Thanks for your first impressions though they are very encouraging.
  4. Jeff is doing a Livestream on Steam in anticipation of release at 2300 hours GMT on 7th February if anyone is interested.
  5. Cheers Micawber With uncanny timing I just got a Steam notification it is on sale until 8th Feb at the crazy price of £10..... 20 seconds later it arrived in my Steam Library 🙂 Fate eh ?
  6. Sounds good Mechalibur. Thanks. I watched the first ten minutes of Queens Wish on You Tube and the writing grabbed me right away describing the sickeningly heroic heir and the lazy wastrel second son being unwillingly sent off to do some dirty work.... Cheers all.
  7. Cheers Cait ! Evidently the views of the Peoples Front of Judea and the Judean Peoples Front are once again at odds over their verdict on Queens Wish 😂
  8. Hi TriRodent I am a Steam guy with occasional infidelities across at GoG if they have the relevant games on sale 😉 I agree with the value for money aspect...having been used to paying between 30 and 40 pounds sterling for my games it is amazing to see a trilogy going for less than that. Given the enjoyment I have already got in my first dozen hours just getting into the Nepharim fort near Fort Duvno (where vicious room to room fighting continues as I type) in Escape from the Pit I am a very happy camper. This is of course my first Party build on normal difficulty and I can also appreciate the replay value given the mistakes I now see I have made up to this point. Queens Wish sounds very interesting and will be my next buy though I did see some of the Spiderweb veterans aren't too keen on the base building mechanics but it certainly wont put me off. Now off to try and recover the Mayor's valuables from wherever the hell the Nepharim and goblins have secreted them 👍
  9. Cheers Randomiser those results were fascinating. Thanks for the welcome by the way. It is a very well organised forum you have here ! TriRodent.... many thanks for your opinions....I am going to pick up Queens Wish next and then and then the new Geneforge remake when released. Opinion on Geneforge seems almost universally positive so it seems a safe bet ! The fact I am someone who has very much concentrated on Grand Strategy games up to now explains my ignorance of Spiderweb but it is indeed a privilege being able to see such a big back catalogue to explore for the first time. All the best to you all. Ian
  10. Hi Yes I think us old gits definitely appreciate the craft of a good well written saga like the Spiderweb games. It would be interesting to know the age demographic of the spiderweb customers. I am happy to leave the shallow mess that is Empire of Sin and the buggy mess of visually impressive Cyberpunk 2077 to the youngsters 😉 Cheers Ian PS....which games have you played and which have you enjoyed most ?
  11. Hi all This will not be news to everyone on here I guess but as a 54 year old British guy who thanks to You Tube has only just discovered Spiderweb Software games ( yes, really ! ) and having picked up the Avernum series in the recent sales I just wanted to say how blown away I am by my first few hours in Avernum Escape from the Pit....great atmosphere very we designed and easy to understand UI (in contrast to Underrail which I picked up at the same time) and the writing is just so immersive. I will be picking up all the remastered back catalogue and it feels like a great adventure beginning. Kudos to Jeff and the rest of the small team. Amazing work Cheers Ian
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