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  1. Heyyyy...nice to see you guys remembering old days...been reading some of the stuff in the archive and laughing at my own posts. I take it everyone is good and well?
  2. You should try the Chilean hotdogs...they will kill you! We call this one 'italian' hotdog...not sure why... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aR_LncmNH5U Oh...and Hi guys! It's been years since I log in, nice to see some familiar faces!
  3. Barzahl, honorable mention to that mad shaper Monarch, the Titan is an impressive thing.
  4. Quote: Originally written by Dark Mage: En realidad he contado como cuatro, nosotros dos, el nazgul que te digo, pero no es precisamente chileno, y otro wn que el otro dia me agrego al msn, que es de santiago, talvez algun dia veo si lo recluto... Como que no soy Chileno! Soy muy Chileno, de Conce para ser exactos...y aqui estoy vivito y coleando, solo que resido en Inglaterra porque estoy estudiando por estos lares.
  5. Photoshop...there is a Photoshop "Elements" that I think is free (it came with a mobile phone I think).
  6. If I see any more demons I'll snap. That is all. Why doesn't anyone use pixies? Naughty pixies that trap you in a forest maze of some sort.
  7. Never mind, it's working now. My brother was messing around with the OS and something he did made Avernum 4 work. Apparently it had something to do with the system pref. This thread can now be deleted. That is all.
  8. I can't get Avernum 4 to start on my Mac (Powerbook G4 - the latest OSX). Each time I start Avernum 4, after asking the usual resolution stuff, It mentions something about not locating (or was it execute?) some sound data and then quits. I checked the data folder and the sounds are there. Any ideas? Maybe it's something with a very obvious solution, this G4 is quite new and it's been a while since the last time I used Mac.
  9. I have currently done 8-10% of my scenario. 6 custom graphics ready and 4 1/2 "towns" ready out of somethig like 40? Mind you, these are small towns. Only about 3 of these are actually big towns. Also, my scenario has almost no outdoors whatsoever, I have one outdoor section ready and plan to make only 3 or 4 outdoor sections more. It's more of an experimental scenario than enything else. When will it be ready? Give it a year or two, chances are Avernum 4 will come out first.
  10. I have played a couple of the scenarios and, just to mess around, attacked an innocent NPC to see how tough they were. To my disappointment, only the attacked NPC defended itself, the rest just stared at the butchering. This happened in about two scenarios I played, one was Druids of Krell and the other... I can't remember, I'm pretty sure there was a third one to. So I wondered just how high is the crime tolerance set in most of your scenarios? Do you even bother in writing the get_crimesomething call?
  11. Ok, a few more ideas. 3) This one was also mentioned. In the previous Geneforge series we have seen the "Charged" variety of creations. It would be great if some master shaper or drakon could teach you how to shape the charged creations. Another option is to find some sort of one-time-use-only platform to charge any of you'r creations. (This would require no new graphics.) 4) The "Inferno Artilla" could be available as some sort of easter egg? (Again, no new graphics.) 5) An absolute new "legal" creation for the Shapers (With new graphics and all). Rebels have the huge advantage in creations, specially in the "air" department with the Drakons. Because of this, Shapers are forced to come up with a flying creation to, in a way, counter it. Obviously not as strong or intelligent as the Drakons, this new breed (Something like a dragoon maybe?) would require little essence. They would be weak, dumb but very fast, loyal and easy to control (Like a flying Fyora). With this new creation Shapers would be able to ambush small Drakon groups and overwhelm them. 6) Someone mentioned this idea and I quite liked it. The hauling creation could be a modified Ornk. In all Geneforge series de penalty for carrying items is huge and unlike Avernum series you only have 1 pickup able character with very limited space, especially as the game develops further and you need to carry many charms and infiltrator items. A little hauling creation would make things much easier. This option is available in another game some of you might know, “Escape Velocity”. In that game you have the option of converting cargo space to weapons space. This weapons/cargo choice could be implemented in Geneforge 4 with this hauling creation.
  12. While reading the suggestions for Geneforge 4, I thought this to be a topic on it's own. Please justify. These are some of my suggestions, others mentioned them already: 1)Clockwork creations. Like Golems, movin Pylon things and maybe a couple more. They would be vary hard to make creations, inmune to mental spells. Because of the war going on Shapers and Rebels alike are forced to find new alternatives to shaping powerfull creatures with little essence costs. The result is a new cast of Shaper/Mechanics. The player would require huge amounts of Mechanics and Shapings skills. The clockwork creations would use very little essence, but would require some hard to find limited materials. 2)Living tools, Batoons and the like. It would be great if you could shape and breed these things, have you'r little breeding pit. You would need to feed the things and maintain them in some way. more later...
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