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  1. Thatcould explain the locking problem then. In the fileio.h header, there is a data variable named hfile. Is that a user defined variable or is it in the windows header?
  2. I fixed the locking problem. I got the source files from Spiderweb Software website. They differ from github? And any ideas what libraries the game used?
  3. I managed to get a compile to work and got an undefined reference to windows.h error. Maybe something else is going on.
  4. I hope to share. I work two jobs and have little coding skills so it will take a while. The only changes I've made so far are to comment out the include windows.h statement and changed the case of the header filenames. Could one of those be causing the problem?
  5. Add me to the list of disappointed people. I like using an IDE because it makes linking simpler.
  6. I am trying to rewrite the sources for linux on Fedora 28 with code::blocks. After I open the project, make a few minor changes, save, and close, code::blocks locks up when reopening the project. Is anyone else having a similar issue? And if you are not using code::blocks, what ide are you using?
  7. I did say I was interested in reviving an old laptop so I can play the game. Linux is my primary os, so an open source version would make that possible. I think it would be easier to have an open source version than running the game than using virtualization.
  8. Okay, I guess we are on the same page about Exile. Maybe I can breathe new life into a 486 I have languishing in my bedroom. I suggested Windows on Linux because I assumed your primary os was Linux. But if you don't use Linux that much, there is no point. https://xkcd.com/1891/
  9. I think I did something wrong then. Or got the game from the wrong source. Or maybe a 32 bit app can't run on a 64 bit computer. The game was installed in usr/local/exile3. No worries though, I blew the dust off a windows 8.1 computer and will try it. Have you tried virtualizing Windows on linux? You wouldn't have to shut down one to use the other.
  10. I was thinking the linux version may be a good reference, but you are making an open source version. I tried the linux branch, but could not get it to work. Either I have an outdated version or it did not install properly. I guess I'll virtualize a copy of Windows for now.
  11. Wish I could say yes but I don't know anything about SDL, GTK+ or WXWidgets. There was a linux version, are you basing your work on it?
  12. I know it has been 7 years since this thread has been updated, but I was wondering if anyone has gotten Blades of Exile to work on linux.
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