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  1. Sure, just PM me with your e-mail address. /Mikael
  2. Hi again Interesting to see that no one has been able to make a linux port of this one yet. It's nearly two years ago since I worked on this and my port is fully playable. My port is totally dead though and I'm not going to do anything more about it. Anyone who is interested in taking over the code? It will come as is with no comments or anything so take it for what it is. And I will probably not be much use in answering questions on the code. Don't remember much about it. Maybe Celtic Minstrel is still around. Remember him being interested in taking over the code. Take this as my way of getting some kind of linux version out there more or less quick Hope you can make some use of the countless of hours I spent on this. /Mikael
  3. Hi everyone I'm not totally gone but have too much to do atm. to have time for working much on this. I've finished the game so all should be in place now and only minor bugs (induced by me that is) should be in there. Maybe i'll try and clean up the code a bit and leave it to you or i might decide to continue myself... We'll see what happens... just thought i would drop by and tell you how things are atm. /M
  4. I have no intentions of doing that no. It was just a dirty quick hack to make the .RC file into structs. Ie. the .RC files are now just .h files with some special code around it. I've now also fixed some trimming errors which gave me odd graphical results in some cases. Also i went into a dark cave and noticed that the light cropping was not working. Found and fixed that error. Ive not been able to locate the strange GTK errors which fills my console. Seems that i some cases the src or dest rectangle into rect_draw_some_item have negative values. I'm not sure if this occurs in windows version also and its handled by the StrtchBlt function. It doesnt in any case give any graphical errors on screen so its not really a problem. I can supress those errors if i want to but have decided to keep them around for now. Maybe i'll find the culprit in the end. Now I'm working on locating some errors around ending scenarion and starting a new one. This gives some strange and random errors. Need to look into what gets wrongly initialized when i start a new scenario as opposed to starting a new one at startup. The game is fully playable now and this atleast gives me the push to continue this tiresome work /Mikael
  5. So, now the event handling is fixed (as far as i can see) and at the same time the missing dialogs appeared... hence they where event driven. Shopping mode has now been tested when i could finally run into a shop "dot". It worked without a hitch. hooray! Scrollbar functionality has been added now. So the scrollbars are no longer just for show Combat works but throws out lots of errors when doing missile animations. This will be my next concern. All in all i actually think the game is playable now. All mayor parts should now be implemented i think. Gonna play through a scenarion soon to see what new bugs i can come by... /Mikael
  6. Haven't had too much to work on it lately, but i have atleast come a bit further. Talking now works and after many not so nice words the targeting is also ok now. Lots of various other fixes also has been done. Most notably some long standing problems with my clip regions code. With the targeting in place i'm gonna try out the combat mode tonight. Will be interesting to see how that works. There are some big showstopper bugs i know of that needs to be fixed. Like the fact that event "dots" arent triggered outside (works in town). Some dialogs never gets shown making some noteable info missing. The menus in game needs to be coupled to functions, they are just stubs at this moment. There are probably several other bugs i've forgotten to mention as well as havent found yet In any case i'm making nice but slow progress. Will keep you posted on any further progress... /Mikael
  7. Now the keyboard support is there. Really made it more playable in a jiffy Still need to fix the talking part... and the targeting code in combat makes the game crash. There is still things to do... /Mikael
  8. I tried to at first, but it quickly noticed it would be too much work. The interface code is so deeply integrated, it would be very hard without a total rewrite. Since i was in no way upto this, its like the original code... very integrated. This means it will probably be as much work to change this to something other than GTK, as it was to get it to GTK. Its getting very close to being playable under linux now, and that was pretty much my goal. /Mikael
  9. There, now the signs works fine. I've also had to do some rewrites in my dialog code again... never ending story... The map now works, but is missing the "OK" button. Should be a quick fix for that, but to tired tonight. Going into combat mode also work, and also running into people for combat. Not tried and actual fight yet though. Going in and out of town works nicely also it seems. Talking to people is seriously bugged. This will be my next part to fix. After that i'll try combat and see how well (or not) it works. /Mikael
  10. There, no the char is no longer invisible I can now move around and picking up stuff also work. The event "Dot" works fine and also the opening door info. Looking at the sign outside the door crashes game though. Will be my next project. /Mikael
  11. No, i did the mouse input first. I've fixed that bug now. This means i can move around now. Found another bug then since the char is invisible Trying to find the source of that problem now. I've also fixed so it says Guest Quarters as it should. Also noticed that the map crashes the game. I've still got some way to go for it to be usable. Oh well, one problem at a time /Mikael
  12. Another quick update. Load/save of games/scenarios now work. Never thought this part would give me sooooo much problems. After hours of swearing i found out that align padding of structures was the problem. The "#pragma pack" compiler directive was my saviour in the end. So, unless the compiler used supports this... my version wont work. Will have to make this part more robust further on, also in regards to big/little endian. This since a linux version can be both. This should not be so hard, since those flip functions are already in place. Still, saving structs is generally a baaaad idea for portability. Also had to put down lots of time on the dialog code again... sigh. Hope to have it working fully now, even the custom dialogs. Now i can finally start a scenario and see my char lying in a bed in Fort Talrus Also added the mouse motion code so the mouse cursor changes as it should while moving around the mouse. The code for clicking anything is totally crap though and instantly crashes the game. This will be my next priority. Also a small and odd bug is that the location string under the terrain pic says "Fort Talrus" and in the original game it says "Guest Quarters" (i think it was... at work now so cant check). Dont know how this can happen, will have to look into it. In any case, i'm closing in on getting it actually running
  13. Yes, for now i'm not touching the gameplay. The goal is for it to work like the original version. /Mikael
  14. Time for a small status report again. This weekend i at last came to the point that i would be able to press the make party button on the start page This however soon made me realize that i'd totally missed the point that the game has recursive dialogs Using the GtkDialog widget suddenly was not usable for this. Hence i had to rewrite the whole dialog code, which was no fun at all. Yesterday though i managed to get it working at last. Now i can create a party at last. This however also brought forward the save_file function. Hence i'm at the moment working on the load/save game functions. Also noteable is that i rewrote the whole main drawing functions to make it more consolidated and clean. It still has some bugs, especially with regards to resizing the window. I'm soo looking forward to actually be able to start a game... maybe next weekend if i get some more free time then. In any case, i hope i have most of the major gameplay functions done now that the dialogs seems to work. /Mikael
  15. I've not thought much about where to host this. It will stay on my hd only until it actually works. I'm not especially proud of my code but i've atleast so far managed to get the main drawing functions working and also this mess of a dialog system. I'm woking on adding the rest of the functions to actually be able to start a game. In the process i'm also rewriting my drawing code to be more clean, flexible and quicker(like not redrawing whole window each time...). When i'm satisfied with the function of the game, we can do this. As for answering to the second question about modular code... I would not say it is. At this stage i'm just replacing needed windows functionality into GTK ones. This is pretty much very integrated in the code, so such and approach has not been taken. I just want to get the game up and running and have no intentions at this stage for much else. Since i use GTK and SDL it should be decently portable to various platforms i guess, but at this stage my focus is 100% linux. /Mikael
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