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  1. I know this topic has been answered successfully, but i feel like i should throw in my 2 cents too. If all else fails, or you feel uncomfortable using a VMWare-ish piece of software (most people tend to forget that that option will still require a valid windows serial key, which is quite hard to come by, for some versions), there is also the option to use a free version of Linux. Some (mostly ubuntu-based) distributions have an emulator built in, making it possible to run windows games over your linux operating system. Also, a big pro opposed to getting a legit windows version, it's usually free! You can either install such a linux version as a virtual machine, as suggested above, or as a dual-boot (choose which operating system to load as the computer starts). Do keep in mind, however, that some newer computers (both laptops and desktop computers) have something called a UEFI system, which more or less replaces the "old" BIOS system, making it harder to create a dual-boot computer. It's not impossible, but experience has taught me that some of these systems require a user to access this UEFI mode every time he/she might want to change operating systems.
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