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  1. I think the reason the Geneforge in 4 and 5 is such a poor knock-off is that it's not intended to do what the Geneforge 1 Geneforge does. As most of the information on it was destroyed, all that's left is what Zakary and Barzahl recovered. Sucia Island had the backing of the Shapers and their vast resources until it was barred, the later Geneforges was just what the Rebels could create. Especially since the Drakons weren't being very herlpful and that the later Geneforge was designed to serve the rebellion in creating Lifecrafters (if all the Rebels were basically gods incarnate, they'd likely turn on each other and destroy the world).
  2. Main things I can think of are some small fixes, like the fact that canisters mean less opportunity for training in G2 if you use them before being trained. I also found it rather nice having human companions that gave their opinions in G3, perhaps a form of this with the options to change their views/personalities based on your dialogue with them would help. I admit I'd rather a new Geneforge game to a remake, but I accept that's unlikely to happen. Less 0 value items in the later games, it just doesn't make sense. I don't mind if they're only worth 1 or 2 gold, just the idea that robes, thorns etc. are worthless is ludicrous to me. Another thing is the ability to make more than two different forms of creation. Example: Be able to choose between regular, searing or plated artila. Only other thing I can think of is, once crafting recipes are found, have them stored in some type of record. I end up forgetting which ones I've found/not found or not caring, and end up using a guide for this purpose.
  3. In my most recent playthrough of Geneforge 5, I have reached the Rebel ending. Unfortunately, I was unaware I would need 12 living tools to make this task possible. I did use cheats to achieve the ending, but it felt hollow. I was hoping to edit my save to add to the number of living tools I have, so that I can complete this final battle fairly. I did look at the linked save editors, but they all seemed to be experience based, which I do not wish to change. If anyone knows how I would go about doing this, please let me know. It would be much appreciated. Also, I did attempt to scour the world for living tools legitimately, but the only one I can find left is in the Gazaki-Uss, and whenever I try to take that they catch me and I get a game over from everyone hating me.
  4. There are no conflicts between completing Rawal's quests and any others. However, to win the game you must choose one of the five factions, neutrality is not an option. Alwan and Taygen are Pro-Shaper options, Trakovites, Astoria and Rebels are Pro-Rebel options. Rawal does have an ending, but it's more of a non-standard game over. I'd recommend saving just before making that final decision, so you can see that ending. Also, sneaking is a viable option gameplay-wise, but you will miss out on a lot of XP. As for balancing skills, that's good to a point, but don't put too much xp into what you're weak in, as this will seriously hinder you, especially as often you can buy these skills from trainers for gold (Combat from a Guardian in Isenwood, Sage Quoth will provide magic training in Haria-Kel and there's no option for shaping). Finally, I don't think there's a 'Best Option' in terms of factions, it's more about the story than power, but I do know that the Trakovites won't teach you shaping, which late-game doesn't matter as War Tralls, Drakons and Gazers are only attainable through canisters.
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