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  1. Especially in the Geneforge Series. Shapers in general (shapers, guardians, agents) should be intelligent as a primary requirement, before being accepted in an academy or school of shaping. Remember the in the start of G3, all students have to endure very hard academy work, learning, studying, memorizing all about the shaping arts. Surely no intellectually challenged people can be accepted at school. So, a very low intelligence stat feels and looks weird for someone who should be at the intellectual top of the society. Maybe it can work, if we look at it relatively where 1 Int stat is generally considered as very high compared to the intelligence of the average citizen. But it still looks weird to me. In the game, Int really just functions as a stat that increases you essence and spell energy, so it feels even weirder. Maybe just replace it with a different name for possible remakes? What could be possible replacements? Its really weird isn't it, or maybe its just me.
  2. Is the g2 map really within the g5 map and cant be seen because of how it scales with the g5 map? Or is it just east of Gazaki-uss and cant be seen in the g5 map? And there's a giant lake between the g4 and g5 maps? And is it stated in the begining of g4 where greta, the pc and the party came from by boat? The 1st area is in the southeastern most tip of the map right?
  3. Yes thank you alhoon. I think this connects g4 ane g5. Got any ideas where the maps of g1-g3 get into this? IIRC I saw a thread connecting the mountains of Gazaki-uss to that of the taker lands in g2. Dunno if thats correct tho. And where do the sholai lands fit into all these?
  4. Has someone already tried to piece together the 5 gf maps? If there is already a thread for this could someone kindly link? Or if there is none maybe we can try to put the big puzzle together
  5. Thats why I put an apology there for not being very specific in stating the question. And I assure you that it wont be changed anymore because what I said when I rephrased it is what exactly Im thinking to begin with. I will just mention one of the many possible bad effect of excessive philosophical discussion. It will consume massive amounts of time tn the point the participants neglect to do other things.
  6. I also think that the name Vlish dont fit it nicely. I think it should be called Squiggles or something...
  7. I posted this topic here because I had this heated argument with my friends 2 days ago about this. Im on the side of disproving the statement so I had to come up with something but like you, Im also drawing a blank so I came and posted here, maybe to find so fresh ideas. As for goodness, I think that goodness in anything can be abused so thats negative.
  8. AFAIK there is no statement that says just the right amount is always good, so there is no point discussing things not in the excess. If we are to prove that something is right, then there must not exist any exemption, and any small chance is an exemption. So I think that it is still a good definition.
  9. Im sorry if the question in the first post maybe too vague. It could be rephrased more accurately as: Is there anything, be it matter, energy or abstract, that can be increased infinitely and still has 0% chance to affect anything in any negative way? If there is something that could qualify this then it can be debunk the saying that anything in excess is bad. Otherwise, the statement remains true. Edit I forgot to state that it must be in excess too. There are some things that you can increase infinitely but still not be in excess (like numbers).
  10. The pork dish that I've discribed above is not considered weird in my country. Some weird (for me) food here include fried frogs, stir fried worms, and fried 1-day old chicks(hatched chicken egg). Sadly the only one that I have tried is the day old chick.
  11. Well humans are the ones responsible for the creation of the concept of good or bad, so I think anything that we label as good or bad is valid. I have to disagree that this is simply just a problem in economics because of the fact that not everything excessive is quantifiable and can be measured with numbers.
  12. Well some things can be bad too without humans in the picture. Take a volcano for example. Imagine it erupted so excessively strong it wiped out everything off the face of this planet. Well thats bad right?
  13. My favorite dish is called Sisig from where Im from. Its a pork dish using parts from the cheeks and ears, some fat and liver. Sometimes brains are put in it. Lots of onions. Some hot chillies. Everything diced and cooked on a sizzling plate. Perfect with a bottle of cold beer. I forgot to mention that all pig parts are cooked over fire first.
  14. Yes I totally agree that excess money can also be good, but can also be really bad. Thus, money can also fit the definition of anything in excess is bad. Well if there is a chance that it will be bad in excess, no matter how small the chance is, then it is still bad.
  15. Well what I mean of excessive here is that a little excess and an excess in unrealistic amounts mean the same. I think that all your examples will be bad in unrealistic excessive amounts.
  16. Well I think everything excess that you mentioned is either a waste of resources and/or energy and/or be used for evil purposes.
  17. Well, we work to get what we need and want in life. I think if we are excessively happy it means we have more than what we want and need. Then we might think why go to work?
  18. How about being an excessively good person? It is good, but it is bad at the same time because others may abuse your goodness. I wonder if there is something that you can increase infinitely, be absurdly in excess, but is still good.
  19. Too much exercise can injure you. Happiness and smiling? Hmm, I think there are certain times when smiling will be an inappropriate reaction, so too much smiling will get you there. As for happiness, you can get to the point when you are too happy so you already neglect your problems or maybe even your job. I think that would be a mental problem too.
  20. Thats exactly the point. It can be used for evil. You are also right in saying little knowledge can be used to do evil. So, we can say that a lot more knowledge can be used to do a lot more evil. Yes knowledge can be used for the good but the possibility that it can be used for bad purposes make it really bad in excess.
  21. Well, too much knowledge can be used to do evil things, so I highly doubt this. Sometime in the past I have also heard a saying that knowledge is power, and we know that too much power can be used to do evil too.
  22. I often hear the saying anything in excess is bad. Is this true? Lets see if you can think of anything that can be good in excess then lets prove/disprove it here.
  23. Honestly, vlishes creep me out. And then I come here and see people suggest you make seven of them in G3. But maybe they would taste great barbecued.
  24. I dont see Jeff retiring anytime soon. Just think how hard it is physically to use a computer. Even my grandma uses one and she's 73. So we can expect more or less 20 years more game making from Jeff. Lets just hope he doesnt forget vitamins and exercise.
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