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    Originally written by Randomizer:
    Mung demons did the same thing as gazers in some games. I used to send my spellcasters in retreat since they can heal, bless, and haste at any distance.
    This is why I always invested at least one skill point in Priest spells. Not only did it distract the Gazers, but they could also heal themselves if needed.
  2. Quote:
    Originally written by Emperor Tullegolar:
    Did you put the iPod on every single walking graphic or does it only show up when people stand still?
    Oh God no. That would take forever. I just took a screenshot and edited it.

    I am editing the entire Fyora graphic though. It will soon have a mustache when it points in every direction.
    Hmm, it could be funny to replace the weapons that people hold with various humorous objects.
    It would. But that's for another time.
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