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  1. Hey all, The copy works ok, but the mini map on the pc, is now in the middle of the top area of the screen as opposed to the top right. How do I fix that? Figured it out... once you minimize the map you can move the map around. Sorry for the trouble, Michi
  2. After playing for a bunch of hours, what would be good is some kind of zoom button that doubles the size of everything so its easier to target enemies and choose the exact square to move to. The zoom button should also show all the enemies health bars...
  3. Originally Posted By: jambongusa So far I've been having a blast playing on the iPad version of the game, however I find movement a little bit tricky, especially during combat. Because you have to use your finger to choose where to go or attack, often times I find myself trying to attack someone with my archer, just to accidentally press the tile besides it and I end up just running up at them, effectively killing that character, and potentially my entire group. It is sometimes hard to make sure I am touching the right tile because my finger is covering the tile so I can't see which one is highlighted. yeah, I am finding this problem pretty frustrating as well..
  4. Ok, upgraded to DirectX Dec 2005... I was at 9.0c ... not sure if there was anything actually upgraded, and I updated to the latest NVidia drivers. Rebooted my comp, stopped all other programs. At first the game ran pretty smoothly, but over the course of the next few hours it slowly deteriorated. I am sorry, but I forgot to check memory / handles / threads / GDI objects ... maybe you have a leak somewhere? I will try and check it out next time I play.
  5. While the previous thread was very entertaining, with people attempting to analyze Jeff's threading model and message queue, I would like to get some good old fashioned technical support. The game is running very slowly on my computer: Windows XP Sp2 Intel P4 3.2 Ghz, HT 1.5 GB Mem Asus (nvidia) 6600 GT 128 MB EQ II set on high runs smooth as silk, so I don't think my computer is the issue, unless A4 is conflciting with something special. Any ideas?
  6. Thanks, Lurker, for taking a moment to read my post - you understood me correctly. Nathan Ashby - ease up on your trigger finger, friend, and take a moment to actually read the subject of the message. I have bought almost all of Jeff's games (and those I didn't buy, I didn't play past the demo... I feel the need to be explicit lest you misunderstand me somehow to mean that the one's i didn't buy were the ones I pirated)
  7. I can't beleive I ran into the end of the demo already... how will I survive till tomorrow? Need ... license ... key ... now....
  8. Fantastic! Worked like a charm. Much thanks.
  9. Hi, I am trying to make a minor hack to the game, and I was hoping someone could help me out. I want to play an Agent, but I have a mental block about playing female characters… so I figured I would go and find the bmp files that define the agent’s sprite and inventory graphic and just replace it with one of the other two… shaper or guardian.. say guardian. So, I see that bmps g200, 201 and 202 have the inventory, and that the g2x00 – g2x25 have the sprite animation… where x is 0 for guardian and 2 is agent… surprisingly, copying over the agents sprite files with the guardians sprite files just didn’t work that well… when the game comes up the spite is rendered very strangely, basically, the guardian's sprite is cut in half, with his feet on top of his head... it renders properly only when the avatar is walking in a northerly direction. Anyone have a clue what I can do to make this work? Thanks!
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