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  1. I managed to beat him, I found that the problem was that there were two more spirit wolves that were still alive on the other side of him, so I was dealing half damage while he was hitting twice as hard the entire time. after I killed those wolves it was beatable, although still difficult.
  2. So far the game has been pretty reasonable as far as how challenging it is (even the Miranda battle was doable), however during this fight with Hundred Claws I am at a loss. I'm assuming that I need to deal damage to Hundred Claws after all his wolves are dead, but are there any other strategies to that? I am using a Blademaster, Tinkermage, and Sorcerer but his acid attack one hit kills my tinkermage and sorcerer. Any damage I deal to him, he seems to be able to heal pretty easily. I have been playing on Torment so far, and I would like to continue on that difficulty but maybe I have met my limit.
  3. I have been looking for similar games to Spiderweb games. Primarily I'm looking for large, exploration-based, non-action RPGs similar to the Avernum series with hopefully a more elaborate stat/skill system. Preferably I'd rather play newer games that have better interfaces (Baldur's Gate and Planescape are fun, but the GUI is simply too old for my tastes now). I did a quick search for this topic but was unable to find anything. Thanks and cheers.
  4. So far I've been having a blast playing on the iPad version of the game, however I find movement a little bit tricky, especially during combat. Because you have to use your finger to choose where to go or attack, often times I find myself trying to attack someone with my archer, just to accidentally press the tile besides it and I end up just running up at them, effectively killing that character, and potentially my entire group. It is sometimes hard to make sure I am touching the right tile because my finger is covering the tile so I can't see which one is highlighted. I think that one of two ways to fix this would be nice: 1) Add an undo option just for movement (maybe a one time use per every several turns). I don't see any real way to abuse an undo for movement (at least not anymore than the standard save/reload). 2) Perhaps make it so that if you are already holding one finger on the screen, a second finger's tap will only cause attacks, and not movement. On a side note, I have not played the original series for Avernum, but I wish that there was some type of explanation for how four people managed to become in the group when the introduction and storyline talk about how you being thrown in Avernum (without references to anyone else).
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