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  1. After playing all the "classic" Geneforge games (most of which multiple times), and more recently G1: Mutagen, I have had a thought regarding enhancing a mechanic in a way that I find neat, this mechanic is tied to the main theme of the series and the in-game decisions you make. Potential spoilers ahead for those who have not played G2-5. I have other ideas for additional mechanics to the game, some of which may interact well with the one I suggested already, but I'd rather not muddy this long post too much anyway. Thanks for reading, hoping to hear your opinion
  2. Maybe make scarabs scale with levels instead (with a relevant formula of course)? You get the same scarabs regardless of your character class choice or party choice, and having scarabs that are pretty useless to your composition of choice kinda suck. This might be hard to balance on some "cross-class skills" such as healing on non healing classes, or ranged abilities on melee fighters, etc. On the other hand, a character with 7 ranged AoE attacks doesn't really want to be mostly limited to scarabs that offer similar abilities, therefore you can balance around the idea of people having tho
  3. Hey guys, I've been happily slaughtering my way up to the third time I was called to the Contested Lands (well, technically I was happily slaughtering things there as well). Here's the spoilery stuff, so an advanced warning. Edit: I managed to find him, but if you are interested to see HOW I did that, you'll have to read the entire story SPOILERS are still there, and in case I didn't mention earlier SPOILERS. Edit 2: The problem is worse than I thought, I am starting to deteriorate. In fact it's so bad that it seems like I forgot everything that happened after level 19, I'm at that l
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