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How about online game

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Let's see it ..

if spdeerweb do a game that called avernum online or a fantasy rpg  like game online ..
how i think it about
each player chooses his party human nephelim silth ..  4 guys ..that online game have three stages . eftp like next level will cs and later ruined world ..

all copleted first triology completed and if someone want in cs or rw have changed the human to other race will be  for some money ..

and of course there's no cheats .

as we be in the same map .. some people will fight against them .. for new players until specific level canot be pvp but only pve ..

sorry but I say an idea .and will good that if the game server will be the steam servers .. what you think ?

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I'd say never going to happen, but if Jeff ever hires someone to do it, the online version could happen. It just won't be Jeff writing and running it.


Jeff announced his new game and remaking Geneforge so that's what he'll do for the next 8 to 10 years.

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