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A3: High DPI display problems

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My primary display is a 4k monitor that I run at 125% scaling.


In A3 if I let the game start at my native resolution the game overflows to the left and right covering up part of whatever is running on those displays, at startup this is the outside edge of the spiral animation; once the game is running it's just giant black bars intruding on top of whatever I have open on my secondary displayers.


Because a screenshot wouldn't show were it's overstepping the bounds of the display I'm attaching a picture taken with my phone.




This is a new bug/regression in the Avernum 3 engine.  Avernum 2 and Avadon 3 both run correctly in full screen mode.


I can also confirm that it's related to DPI scaling, because it doesn't happen if a adjust my main screen to 100% (making all of my well behaved software borderline illegibly small).


For the moment I have a partial workaround.  If I select 2560x1440/1600 at startup the games misbehaving window almost completely fits on my main monitor, with only 10 or 20 pixels of black bar overflowing, instead of several hundred.


Bizarrely at 2560x1600, I still have the same thin overhanging bars on my side monitors, but my cursor is restricted to 16:10 subsection of my main display and my cursor jumps from about 1.5" inside it directly to the adjacent monitors.

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OpenGL can interact strangely with the many monitor settings that were introduced since it was created (like 4K and monitor scaling). That's why I provide so many options for monitor/window/game area sizes. The game won't ever be able to anticipate every possible monitor setup, so it provides choices to help you find a setting that suits you. Sorry for the confusion!


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