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  1. Is there any way to check (in or out of game) the relative difficulty level of available areas? I'm fast getting sick of entering an area, dying to the first encounter, and then either assuming it's too hard and going elsewhere or repeating a few times to make sure it wasn't just bad luck.
  2. I meant the one with the organization that buys and sells Owen. I hadn't gotten far enough to realize there was more than one.
  3. Will taking the contract poison my relations with the Owen forcing me to back the Mascha? I want to smash the sanctimonious slave holding bastards; and the idea of taking their money and using it to support my efforts to overthrow them fuels my spiteful irony. I'm only planning a single playthrough though and don't want to blow up my long term plans for what's arguably a cheesy exploit if it won't work.
  4. Assuming Sulfras is in the same place as in the previous version of the game how? I can't find how to open any of the doors that would lead to there.
  5. I've found Atheron and Koth's caves, but unless I'm missing something there's nothing there but a giant loop of impenetrable energy barriers and unopenable gates.
  6. If I'm making a party of two archer tanks and 2 priest mages, can I make both tanks nephilim without finding myself hurting for traits late in the game? Should I build the priest mages both evenly balanced between the two types, both primarily priests, or both primarily mages, or one of each? And what should I pick for the starting character types? Archer seems the obvious fit for the first two characters, but there are multiple caster types that look plausible for a hybrid character.
  7. My primary display is a 4k monitor that I run at 125% scaling. In A3 if I let the game start at my native resolution the game overflows to the left and right covering up part of whatever is running on those displays, at startup this is the outside edge of the spiral animation; once the game is running it's just giant black bars intruding on top of whatever I have open on my secondary displayers. Because a screenshot wouldn't show were it's overstepping the bounds of the display I'm attaching a picture taken with my phone. This is a new bug/regression in the Avernum 3 engine. Avernum 2 and Avadon 3 both run correctly in full screen mode. I can also confirm that it's related to DPI scaling, because it doesn't happen if a adjust my main screen to 100% (making all of my well behaved software borderline illegibly small). For the moment I have a partial workaround. If I select 2560x1440/1600 at startup the games misbehaving window almost completely fits on my main monitor, with only 10 or 20 pixels of black bar overflowing, instead of several hundred. Bizarrely at 2560x1600, I still have the same thin overhanging bars on my side monitors, but my cursor is restricted to 16:10 subsection of my main display and my cursor jumps from about 1.5" inside it directly to the adjacent monitors.
  8. It was less the repetitiveness of the combat that had me quit Eschalon3 after about 5 hours than the pointless tedium of going into the mine killing a few mobs and then having to go back to the surface to rest and recover before being able to go back a tiny bit deeper to kill something else. I ragequit about the time I realized I'd spent several times as long doing a single cycle to/from the surface loop as I did in fighting while underground. A UI that felt about as klunky as Geneforge 1 didn't help.
  9. So ETA for general availability is probably going to be mid/late summer then?
  10. If they're no more visible than in other recent games, unassisted I'm unlikely to find more than 1 in 10.
  11. Is there one available to make them more visible in game?
  12. As a shamelessly cheating kid back in the 90s I had a TSR memory hacking tool for use against DOS games. Why save and exit a game to cheat when you could press a magic key combination, edit health, money, number of troops, etc and then immediately resume playing; including is spots between where you're allowed to save.
  13. When the first 7" android tablets came out, I remember seeing complaints about whichever game was then current (Avadon 1?) having problems because the company that did the port only had a 9/10" tablet layout. I suspect there'd be similar problems trying to squeeze a 7" layout down on one of the current generations larger phablets. It's possible whoever does the next Android port (assuming it happens ofc) will do a set of phablet sized layouts; but I'd be really surprised if any existing titles are updated just because there isn't enough money in them any longer. However, the fact that Jeff's only talking about iPads, and not the iPhone 6+, for the iOS version makes me somewhat skeptical about the Android version going any smaller either.
  14. After fighting my way back out of the Temple of Nolan I'm not allowed to go anywhere but Fort Foresight. I have a few sidequests left I wanted to complete before the endgame. Will I have the opportunity to do so after reporting back to Red Beard; or do I need to pull an old save out of backup?
  15. Ok, thanks. And for anyone else who finds this thread in the search, you need a save from before Silke turns you down (or to edit more flags and allow restarting that conversation I guess).
  16. How do I do that? I know Shift-D will open the debug console; but my googling failed to turn up what I needed to enter to change a flag value.
  17. I screwed something up on the Silke-kiss quest and was turned down in the end. The guide on how to get it lists a number of flags that are used to control it. Is there a way I can see where I failed it, and edit the value to undo my mistake?
  18. I'm pretty sure I was zone of control trapped and only able to move back one space leaving me in the turrets kill zone.
  19. I saw that switch too; and by sacrificing a party member was able to trip it only to find equally overpowering defenses in the second room too.
  20. I have access at level 4, but how am I supposed to get past the defenses? The turrets are able to heal themselves faster than my party can damage them on the rare occasions we make a hit, and my party's attempt to disarm a mine before it kills us is equally ineffective.
  21. Properly supporting the retina ipad will require a second higher resolution set of artwork (2048x1536 vs 1024x768). Will the windows/mac versions of the game also offer the high DPI version to anyone with a display capable of using it?
  22. If you fall back to the Exile series (original versions of Avadon 1-3); you can play them using a win3.1 emulator on android. http://www.spiderwebforums.com/forum/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=261147#Post261147
  23. A bundle with A1-A6 + Blades of Avernum is available on GOG now. The intro price is $7.99, going to 11.99 once it expires. Dunno if they'll be coming to steam too or not. http://www.gog.com/gamecard/avernum_the_complete_saga
  24. Is there anywhere I can safely store loot I want to keep for potential use later on; but don't want encumbering me at present?
  25. I got out the really big hammer (Process Monitor), and after the obligatory fumbling around for 10 or 20 minutes to figure out how to filter out the 99.99% of what it collects that I don't care about, was able to locate where both copies of the game were saving to. The steam version was writing to ...\Documents\Spiderweb Software\Geneforge Saved Games\; the demo thought it was writing to \Program Files (x86)\Geneforge\Data\; but was being redirected to the virtual store instead.
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