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Av 5, Below Thalants, Hidden Rooms

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It looks to me that there are at least six more hidden rooms below Thalants that I have not been able to find the switches for.  The "bumps" on the wall lines in the maps are usually a pretty good clue of where rooms are, but I have been able to find no switches for them.  I have been searching online for clues about this but I'm not finding any references to them in any walk-throughs or anything like that.


I took a screenshot and indicated where the rooms look like they would be, but maybe we don't have a way to upload pics to these discussions?


Anyway, thanks if you can help.





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Jeff got really tricky here with lots of false hidden switches and inaccessible rooms. Also the hidden switch to open a room may not be near the now opened passage.


There are maps.


Item List mentions 3 known secret areas and 4 that may be teasers.

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