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How to Build Tinkermage In Avadon 3?

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I understand in Avadon 3, the turret is now affected by intelligence.


My question is does intelligence affects both the hit point and damage of the turret?




Also heard that turrets are weaker compared to Avadon 2.


Also, heard the new ability that deals double damage is quite powerful.



So does it means range attack Tinkermage is the way to go.


Or focus on turrets or razordisk?


Or do you go hybrid?


Focus on intelligence?


Or focus on dexterity?


How about endurance?


How do you spread the attributes?






I guess my question is, what are a few viable Tinkermage builds in Avadon 3?


Preferably, a Tinkermage that is effective during the solo portion of the game.

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Put everything in Dexterity and get the razor disk related skills works best for the solo portions of the game. Turrets aren't as useful as Doublestrike and scarabs or razor disks. Pick cold attack scarabs later in the game since they will damage almost everything.


It helps to have some turrets, but they aren't as useful after the beginning.


Edit- Doublestrike was the beta version name for Charged Weapons.


You can make it through the game with a solo Tinkermage on torment difficulty except for Zhethron, Velusa, and the final battle with Redbeard. The only reason for those is the mental attacks and damage specials.

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Charge Weapons is among the most overpowered skills in the game. Randomizer is right: just pump Dex and use Charge Weapons with Shrapnel Grenade and/or scarab AoE abilities. You'll destroy everything.

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