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Celtic Minstrel

Pacifist trait (Exile 2) and Magically Inept trait (2/3)

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I tested out the pacifist trait a little and found that it prevents you from attacking, shooting missiles or casting any spell in combat that requires a target. (Interestingly, this means you can cast summoning spells and scry monster, but only if not in combat mode. The same presumably applies to dispel barrier, if you can even cast that in combat mode.) Does anyone know if it prevents anything else? For example, using wands or scrolls? Or if it has any other effects?


It doesn't seem like he really thought the trait through much, because you can't even cast fear spells, which to me seems like they should logically be amongst a pacifist's favoured spells.


Also, I was wondering about the Magically Inept trait in both E2 and E3? My intuition says it should prevent the use of wands or scrolls but allow the use of potions, but at least in OBoE, the behaviour doesn't line up with my intuition even slightly (all usable abilities are forbidden except for weapon poison and light sources, regardless of whether they're magic).

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Magically Inept was similarly awful in Nethergate, IIRC.


For Pacifist, well, it's not very pacifistic to go altering someone else's thoughts to suit you, is it? Even if the ultimate aim is to avoid fighting. It's absurdly impractical, especially given Exile's deathblow-centric experience system.

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