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Avadon party system

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It's amazingly difficult to find out what the party system is like in Avadon, so I thought I'd come to you dudes.


How large can your party be? Can you make it from scratch? Can you pick your party's class, or build their skills?



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You make one customized Hand (where you choose the name and class) that will be your main character. There are also four Hands already in Avadon (with preset classes, names, and personalities) who will join you soon after you start the game. With a few exceptions, you will be able to take two of them along with you whenever you leave Avadon to go questing. You are in charge of equipping and leveling up all five characters, and the Hands you don't take with you on quests will still gain an equal amount of experience as the ones with you. Even if you decide you don't like one of the preset characters, be sure to equip them and level them up appropriately--you might end up needing them before the end.



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