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  1. That 10 hours wouldn't have been a waste, it would have been a learning experience. And if it wasn't fun, why would one have been playing it? Basically what you are trying to say is that a fun game is such that you win it no matter what you do and the fun comes from winning.
  2. You do know older Avernums had a character editor? But for me normal difficulty on Avernum games isn't fun. They are too easy. I started playing A1 after trying this game out and Torment feels so easy to me. I just don't understand how you can allocate your skill points so badly that you die? Or are you trying to create perfectly min/maxed characters on firts try? Better AI could do it, or more monsters per group, or the game would be designed to Torment difficulty and other difficulties would use hp/stats multipliers(divisors). But having read Jeff's blog I know these games are headed completely different direction. But what is the point of options if there isn't bad options left? I just didn't got the how there is anything to plan. If you want to have parry skill 8, first you must put 8 points to weapons and blademaster. If you want your mage to use less SP when casting spells, you have to first put points 3 different skills below it. With only 2 points/level up, in my opinion there isn't much to plan. Maybe I'll try Exile one of these days...
  3. I played the demo for a while. And I'm mad. Just mad. I waited so long to get to play this game and was hoping that it would be more like avernum 1-3 than Avadon. I'm not complaining about the story. Just gameplay. Avernum 5 and 6 were not bad, but disappointing nevertheless. Then Avadon came and it was plain bad. Combat sucked, character development was nonexistend, world was restricted... And now Escape from the pit seems to go even farther. The skill tree for example. 2 skill points per level, and you can't even put them on the same skill. Where is the variety between characters? Why on earth you can't raise first aid to X without getting priest spells or tool use to X?! I mean it is so restricted that why even have skills in the first place? And then there is the difficulty thingy. The game had no difficulty whatsoever, just shitloads of HP for monster. No strategies and character placement. Just whack, whack whack, heal, whack, whack, whack, heal and hour later we have a dead monster. Then there is 5 other monster left in the room. Hopefully Jeff manages to change the course of his games. The last 2 have been so huge disappointments that I don't know if I even want to try the next game.
  4. I would like to save myself from inventory management, so I was thinking if it would be possible to edit scripts so that similar items would stack. Like pods and spores stack. Anyone know how to do it? Or better, anyone done it? Would it also be possible to remove item weights? I really hate first clearing level and then backtracking my steps and looting. I think about starting G3 and perhaps later G4.
  5. battle gamma skin is in outer gazak-uss. There is two sets of demon claws. One is in pit of the bound and other is in demonic depot. Glaahk scale can also be obtained in two places. Creation holding and loyalist encampment.
  6. So I did sneak in and get the cure and it wasn't even hard. Just run and daze everything. I guess you can enter benerii-uss and not anger takers as long as you don't hit/kill anything. As for why I wanted to do this was to get forbidden band and keep my options open if I want to join takers later. Basically I'm going to kill every nutjob servile, human and creation there is but that doesn't mean I can't accept rewards from sects doing so.
  7. Hi! Can you do the cure servile quest without angering takers? The cure is in benerii-uss shaping, far side of benerii-uss and those places are hostile unless I join the takers. I would like to join takers but only after I do every awakened quest. Can I kill drayks and serviles in benerii-uss without takers noticing? Or is it possible to sneak the cure out of there? Thanks.
  8. I found the geneforge series too easy on torment. G1 is the only one I didn't finish but that wasn't because of the difficulty but boredom. I played as a shaper and my creation were all wiped out in one shot. But later games were too easy even without all those wands and potions. I don't like where Jeff's games are headed. Avadon and later avernums are on torment easy, but battles gets way too long. Monsters have too much hp. Like fighting slits in A6. If I positioned spellcasters right, I had no chance of dieing but it took 5 turns to kill one. And there were like 30 of them.
  9. Okay. So those AP items are not so ûber than I thought. Thanks for quick response.
  10. If not stunned and not encumbered you get 8APs. But if wearing two +1AP items you seem to get 9 or 10APs randomly. How come I don't get 10AP always?
  11. How about for all of them? I was thinking playing a guardian and this time using magic items instead of hoarding those. I started to play the first but I didn't notice any change in damage even if missile weapon skill changed by 14. Then I got bored and started G2 but I haven't got far enough to invest in MiW.
  12. Missile weapons is supposed to make wands and crystals more powerful. Anyone know how much more powerful? How is the damage calculated? Thanks.
  13. Is there a way to lose endurance? I just lost couple points and my shaper has less hit points than at the start.
  14. So if I understand this right, quest exp doesn't depend on your level, but monster exp does? So to get maximum exp, kill all monster first and complete quest afterwards. Is this right?
  15. I think the unlock door spell is a mage spell, not priest. When trying to unlock a door with that spell, your spell strength (spellcraft, magery, magic spells skill and spell level increase spell strength) is added to your tool use and its checked if the number is high enough to open the door.
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