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  1. Thanks for the advice. Yeah, the fire resist doesn't seem as nice as the bonus to dex. There doesn't seem to be anything to indicate that they will be less durable, so they should fit for my solo caster tanky guy.
  2. I've decided to take a stab at Avernum 2 with a solo "party." Which race is best? I didn't hit the level cap in A1 (i was 39 when I finished), but had taken Divine Warrior and Natural Mage. Assuming I take the same traits, I will be getting a LOT less XP if I go with Nephil or Slith. I mostly make a mage/priest with minor melee skills, although I did end up using the Demonslayer quite a lot with my last character in A1, and I was still pretty tough even with lower melee stats. What would you recommend?
  3. Well, I ended up taking on Grah-Hoth first, which helped me to get Divine Warrior 3 from Micah. I bought up all the Energy Potions and Elixers that I could, and had no trouble rolling through the golems. That spell is really great. It also helped me to smash Hawthorne. Singleton run complete!
  4. Turns out there was an extra Crystal Shield (Chasm of the Drake), but I ended up just putting on the crystal charm whenever I needed. It has 100% protection against petrification in A1, so Basilisks were easy at that point.
  5. I can take a few, but not as many as are in the final part of the 'ascent gauntlet'. They hit really hard, none of my magic seems to do squat, and with all the buffing I need to do to stay alive, I run out of SP quickly. I'm doing a solo run on normal. My guy has 18 mage spells, 16 in priest, lots of int (like 17), and a smattering of other stuff. Blademaster 7, lots of the stuff you can buy or be trained in without SP. I'm using Demonslayer, although I could switch back to a 1 hander and a shield (not that I would think it'd be much better, they hit like a ton of bricks.. haha) Plus, it's dark in that room and they are always surrounding me... good thing I had a save from before that place. I guess I'll go grind on some other stuff for a bit.
  6. Thank you. I managed to use the editor to replace my Mithral (sic) chain mail, but quickly replaced it with an upgrade anyway. Is there another crystal shield in the whole game? I've been looking through guides and it's hard to tell. I bought the one from the smelter cave north of Dharmon..
  7. Mostly I'm just sad I lost my crystal shield, and I'm not sure I can find another one..
  8. I was stuck in the Slith Temple with very few HP and no SP, and had to figure out a way to escape. Loaded down with slith spears and silver rings, I decided to take off my armor and shield to get a few more AP (well, I got one more, but it helped!). Because my 'max item' limit of 20 was passed, I couldn't put it in my inventory, so I pressed "escape", which I assumed would either drop it to the ground or put it back on my body. I made my escape, rested up, and returned. My items were gone. I tested this with my helmet, but didn't save afterward, and this is what happens if you have max items and cancel the placement of a removed equip. I went into the editor and tried to 'Add armor,' and the selection is limited to just a few items. Am I missing a way to scroll and find more? Is there any other way to add my items? Obviously, I have saved over my previous save... Thanks for any advice!
  9. Ahh, true. Alright, I can at least continue on with the game now, haha. Thanks guys.
  10. Yeah, thanks! I thought about the Native American angle, but since Boudica's rebellion was in the first century, I thought it was pretty unlikely. Any other thoughts?
  11. I beat Nethergate: Resurrection a few years back (I beta tested the win version), and decided to replay it since I hadn't since then. It's just as good as I remember, but I just spoke with the Raven. Which culture has he failed? Is it revealed later or just left a mystery? My suspicion is some kind of Norse or Egyptian, but I'm not too good with my mythology/ancient religions. Thanks!
  12. I'm trying these with a MacBook Air, running Lion, and it's having some issues (but I'm getting my hopes up!) Basically, they start up, the Spiderweb noise plays, but it gets cut off... then on the main menu, there is no sound. (This continues throughout the game, no sound/music.) Avernum 2 gets stuck and freezes on the main menu. Anyone had any issues like this, and found a solution? Thanks!
  13. I've got my strength up to 15 on my main warrior, and I really think that should be enough! (I don't even want it any higher, haha, I'd rather put it into dex/assassination/melee, etc...) I'm amazed at how little detail I can find on this, been googling for an hour now. Thank you.
  14. I'm very interested in helping out with the Beta on this one, as well. I've never actually played the original Nethergate, but I've played the demo. Did I miss anything regarding a beta request sign up?
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