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  1. This thread demands a tribute of Cat Photos! Normally, they never sleep this close together. I usually take multiple pictures of a scene, but I only managed to snap off the one here, since Sydney tends to enjoy making taking pictures of her a nightmare. Sydney does not approve of your shennanigans. Protip to cat owners: This is why you don't store your towels in the same drawer as the catnip tea. Not only does it get cat saliva all over your towels, but it unlocks the mystical and terrible powers of felinity. This was a stray that just showed up one day. A young male; despi
  2. I took the test. I think most of it's spot-on, but there's a few areas that made me raise an eyebrow. EXTRAVERSION...............6 - "Your score on Extraversion is low, indicating you are introverted, reserved, and quiet. You enjoy solitude and solitary activities. Your socializing tends to be restricted to a few close friends." Click to reveal.. Friendliness.............3 - "Low scorers on Friendliness are not necessarily cold and hostile, but they do not reach out to others and are perceived as distant and reserved." Gregariousness...........4 - "Low scorers tend to feel overwhelm
  3. Originally Posted By: Geneforgeisformeyukkyu You could also try using openoffice, I hear it is not as good as MSW You're right. It's better. Seriously, though, if you can't get Word back, OpenOffice is the way to go here. It'll be able to open your word documents.
  4. I know I've never posted in the picture thread, but there was someone at the door this morning, and I thought I'd share the encounter. Meet: Wall frog On a related note, does anyone know what kind of frog this is?
  5. I do! It's nice for small files, or for computers that have difficulty with flash drives (or don't have USB ports).
  6. *writhes on the ground from 523 bad pun damage* Anyway, I'd like to apologize to Diki. I haven't been following this closely at all, and when I have, I couldn't even be bothered to write a thank you or anything. So, Thank You, Diki, for keeping the horde entertained. I look forward to another chapter in this saga, if there ever is one.
  7. That was... unexpected. Wow. Nice work, Diki.
  8. Slight note here: There's currently nothing in the rules that prevents a mage from joining the anama.
  9. Question: If an opponent specifically has your loss (but not death) as a victory condition, does that make them your enemy? (e.g. Pure Spirit vs. Darkside Loyalists)
  10. Originally Posted By: Enraged Slith Let's not address each other's views in ratings topics as it inspires discussion in an inappropriate forum. I think it's pretty clear that we all have different opinions on what constitutes as a good scenario. Fair enough. I removed that comment, but still... Quote: From the Warp Review Finally, a note at the other reviewers. Wow. Just wow. I am absolutely boggled by the ratings for this scenario. In my opinion, this scenario does not deserve any of the previous ratings it has been given, good or bad. It's certainly not the shining standard of scenar
  11. Ephesos, in regards to your review: I think I know the box you're talking about. You're supposed to find a key first, and not just try and ram it open. Also, I suspect part of the reason for the absurdly powerful items is because this scenario can be played by anyone from a L1 to a L100. The difficulty is dynamic, adjusting itself based on the level of the party that entered.
  12. THE ETERNAL (Version 1.0) SUMMARY - A 24hr scenario based on a Doctor Who episode. It is a short story scenario and, to its detriment, little else. It is effectively a cinematic like one of Nikki's previous offerings, Twilight Valley. Unlike Twilight Valley, however, there's even less to do. There's no combat, no real gameplay, very little dialogue... On the plus side, it looks nice, and is designed competently. If you want a decent little story, play this scenario. If you don't, you might as well play it anyway, because it won't eat up too much of your time. NOTABLE POINTS * No comba
  13. Originally Posted By: Smoo Edit: Actually, I might be remembering it wrong, but do later versions of the scenario still take away and destroy your equipment? Yes. On that note, I'm still planning on re-releasing the scenario at some point with a warning in-game that this happens (along with maybe a few tweaks and polish). But that'd come after I release at least one other scenario. Also, one thing I'd like to add, since it seems to keep cropping up. I actually did drop hints regarding how the big bad pulled off reappearing (look at how she died, plus her favorite companions to summon)
  14. Or it could be just from sulfur exposure. Exposure to sulfur compounds have been known to temporarily turn a human's blood green, and if the orcs live in a wasteland, it's not too implausible that there might be high concentrations of sulfur where they live. It'd also turn their skin green as well. Heck, if they've lived there long enough, a genetic mutation might have even made it so that orc blood is permanently green. Though that'd take a millennium or two, at the very least. And genetics isn't really something I know a lot about, so on this one, I may just be talking out of a certain
  15. DIPLOMACY WITH THE DEAD SUMMARY - A mixed bag, to be sure. On one hand, this scenario has the worst design and graphics of any pre-packaged scenario. On the other, the plot's decent, if not stellar. And then we hit combat, where the real meat of the scenario is. Quite a few fights are good... but quite a few of them tend to be hack and slash, with little variation. Overall, it's decent, and you should play it. Just be prepared for some of the best and worst combat to grace Blades. In terms of combat, design, and graphics, this is the worst of the pre-packaged scenarios. However, its plot s
  16. INCORRUPTIBLE (Version 1.0) SUMMARY - A very short, yet oh-so-satisfying scenario. Tridash clearly put a lot of work into this scenario, and it shows. It's a fun romp with an excellent backstory. I only wish that the story hadn't appeared as walls of text (two-and-a-third full introductory screen), but there wasn't much to be done about that. Combat was on the easy side, though it's certainly fun. And it's designed rather well. Downsides include how fast it cuts off, and how linear it felt at times, but these are relatively minor points. NOTABLE POINTS * Immense plot for the scenario'
  17. Originally Posted By: *i For those who asked me to use your scenario, thanks! Could you please get me: Difficulty Version number Keywords I'm guessing Difficulty refers to the level recommendation, not the actual difficulty of the scenario. Either way: Difficulty - Beginner Version Number - 1.0.3 Keywords - Linear, Combat Heavy, Avernum Universe, Short
  18. THE ZA-KHAZI RUN SUMMARY - The third pre-packaged scenario, and undeniably the worst of them. Fortunately, that still means you get a quality scenario. It just isn't nearly as good as the other three pre-packaged scenarios. The plot is simple: Deliver a package to Fort Caviler before the fort falls to evil sliths. You have 2 weeks to navigate a river known as the Za-Khazi Run, and therin lies the problem: it's wild and full of things that consider you lunch. Or worse. Unfortunately, it has quite a few problems. Combat difficulty varies to the point of absurdity, loot balance is on the
  19. You can kill it. Or you can set the appropriate book on one of its mats.
  20. Correction: Strength has no bearing on a character's encumbrance in A1-BoA. It simply affects how much the character can carry and how hard they can hit with melee weapons. That said, each level of Enfeebling reduces strength by a full point, so it's very easy to wind up with every point of strength sapped, leaving you able to carry a whopping 50 pounds and with all the attack power of a fruitfly.
  21. Dionicio still needs his victory condition nerfed slightly. Having every role by the end of the game is way too hard for his role, and has absolutely no margin for error. Especially considering that the end of the game could be as early as Day 3. An idea: leave it at all roles, but make it so that submitting a list will give you the number of roles you got correct (not which ones, though). And you can only do it once per day. Or, follow Marlenny's suggestion, and cut it down to 13 or 14 out of 16. Or, make it so that Dionicio has to know the names and roles of the Darksider targ
  22. I would make a better distinction between Rank 2 and 3. I generally think of "Average" and "Mediocre" being the same thing when it comes to ranking quality. Especially since "Average" can be interpreted as median, which is about the same as Mediocre. Maybe a "Poor, Mediocre, Good, Great, Outstanding"? As for the Global Mod thing, I am a little concerned. Not with the actual mods, mind, that's fine. But I am concerned with how many of them would actually keep an eye on the board (I've counted three Global Mods that have an avested interest in BoA), and with the fact that all of them have r
  23. I'd go "Poor, Mediocre, Good, Excellent, Outstanding". But that's just me. But it raises a question: if we change the format, are we going to port old reviews over? And if so, how do we plan to make said ports compatible with the new format? Anyway, I like that idea. It could work well. As for the histogram... why not just give a list of percentages for each opinion of the scenario. Like this: Quote: Reviewer Opinions of Uber-Awesome-Scenario 0/5 (0%) Outstanding 3/5 (60%) Excellent 1/5 (20%) Good 1/5 (20%) Mediocre 0/5 (0%) Poor Simpler and easier to manage. And it coul
  24. Actually, come to think of it, Vahkos is simultaneously over-powered and underpowered. He's nigh-unkillable, but he lacks the firepower to really do anything. Take a look at this match: Despite making it to the end and unleashing hell, he wound up completely unable to take out the two remaining players when logic dictates he should. So, an idea: Make the spirits Offensive in nature only, and not defensive. Maybe allow him to choose, once-per-game, a spirit that will act defensively. But as he is, he's just a stalemate waiting to happen. Or, perhaps, grant him a set of, say, ten spell
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