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  1. Hi all, I have a question: playing as a Celt, and knowing that I cannot get remotely close to Shadow Valley Fort, how the heck do I get the stones that are there in the abondoned mine inside the vicinity of the fort? Any clues,,,,possibly a hint?
  2. Morgaine

    A little confused

    I for one agree that with the upgrade for newer computers, and I have one, that I can now play this version of N:R much better and it plays smoother, so I guess I am an imbecile, yay, me!!!
  3. Hi All, Well, I installed the windows version demo 2 nights ago and I'm having 0 problems, hurray!!! Love the new graphics, dialogues and graphic icons, since I can't register yet, only stuck with demo, but I plan to, since I got the original NetherGate years ago. Does it matter that it was purchased under my maiden name, I married now, wasn't when I bought it. Anyhoo, thanks Jeff, it's great!!!
  4. Morgaine


    I also am waiting for the windows version as well, what I'm wondering is if it can be ordered in advance even with the update option or should I wait for the actual release and when, if anyone should know, will that actually be, like a month or so? Thanks!
  5. So, when do you think the beta testing will be set to begin, I would love to participate; any thoughts?
  6. I am so excited about this; love the name "Nethergate:Resurrection", fits with the upgrade. I would definitely pay for this, although I do hope to registration will be the way to go, I have the cd and I would rather do the registration key thing with a backup. I will be waiting patiently, Jeff!
  7. Morgaine

    Nethergate News

    This would be the best news of my life! I would love to see all the improvements and relish any new styles or dialogue. Of all the Spiderweb games I have played, Nethergate and A4 rank the highest in that order! Thanx Jeff!
  8. What's this I hear about Jeff updating Nethergate? Is it true?
  9. Morgaine

    Nethergate Update Poll

    Well, it does seem that I am at least getting some honest, if not brutally honest, answers. Please encourage others to come to this board to post their votes as well, thank you all of you!
  10. Morgaine

    Which do you prefer?

    I am most definitely in favor of Nethergate, the reason being is that it tell a story that is significant in history; as I am a Celt myself. Plus, it is a very large game that you can always find entertaining whether you play Romans or Celts.
  11. I have always been an avid Nethergate player, but there is always room for improvement, in my opinion, for face- lifts and upgrades. How many people think that Nethergate at some point eventually, should also be given an upgrade of face-lift?