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  1. Hi all, I have a question: playing as a Celt, and knowing that I cannot get remotely close to Shadow Valley Fort, how the heck do I get the stones that are there in the abondoned mine inside the vicinity of the fort? Any clues,,,,possibly a hint?
  2. I for one agree that with the upgrade for newer computers, and I have one, that I can now play this version of N:R much better and it plays smoother, so I guess I am an imbecile, yay, me!!!
  3. Hi All, Well, I installed the windows version demo 2 nights ago and I'm having 0 problems, hurray!!! Love the new graphics, dialogues and graphic icons, since I can't register yet, only stuck with demo, but I plan to, since I got the original NetherGate years ago. Does it matter that it was purchased under my maiden name, I married now, wasn't when I bought it. Anyhoo, thanks Jeff, it's great!!!
  4. I also am waiting for the windows version as well, what I'm wondering is if it can be ordered in advance even with the update option or should I wait for the actual release and when, if anyone should know, will that actually be, like a month or so? Thanks!
  5. So, when do you think the beta testing will be set to begin, I would love to participate; any thoughts?
  6. I am so excited about this; love the name "Nethergate:Resurrection", fits with the upgrade. I would definitely pay for this, although I do hope to registration will be the way to go, I have the cd and I would rather do the registration key thing with a backup. I will be waiting patiently, Jeff!
  7. This would be the best news of my life! I would love to see all the improvements and relish any new styles or dialogue. Of all the Spiderweb games I have played, Nethergate and A4 rank the highest in that order! Thanx Jeff!
  8. What's this I hear about Jeff updating Nethergate? Is it true?
  9. Well, it does seem that I am at least getting some honest, if not brutally honest, answers. Please encourage others to come to this board to post their votes as well, thank you all of you!
  10. I am most definitely in favor of Nethergate, the reason being is that it tell a story that is significant in history; as I am a Celt myself. Plus, it is a very large game that you can always find entertaining whether you play Romans or Celts.
  11. I have always been an avid Nethergate player, but there is always room for improvement, in my opinion, for face- lifts and upgrades. How many people think that Nethergate at some point eventually, should also be given an upgrade of face-lift?
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