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  1. From the gog.com site on the upcoming Queen's Wish: "Not just orcs and elves. Features the unforgettable races and characters that make Spiderweb Software adventures unique." Nephilim and Slithzrakai? ❤️
  2. I started playing Geneforge 1 (and intend to re-do the whole saga!) on my old laptop and bought a new one last week. I couldn't transfer the saved games, but this was very helpful and solved my problem. So, it's still valid for Windows 10 in 2019 😊
  3. I hope there is still a lot of life for Spiderweb and its games, human and Internet years!
  4. Just as an update: in less than 2 days they replied from that email address to offer help. Thanks!!
  5. Little R missing in that email address... I just ordered games via paypal but I haven't received the code and the game stills says it is an unregistered copy although I installed the full version they sent. I guess I have to wait for a few hours to get that code on my email...
  6. Thanks, it's my tribute to good memories from 1999 with Exile
  7. Hi, I am playing the whole Geneforge series again! Now, I remember sometimes merchants will buy stuff from you or will ask you to collect and bring some. I have been unable to find a list of such items to start saving them. Does anyone know which ones? Thanks.
  8. Hi, I can't remember what was the keys combination to grab only half of the items I need from my inventory. I remember there was a combination so if one character had a lot of potions you were able to share half of it, please help I couldn't find this using the search bar Thanks!!
  9. I'm still playing G5 and heard about an outsider working for a Shaper named "Platano", that's funny, it means "banana" in Spanish.
  10. Hi, I'm a Windows user so I still can't play Nethergate resurrection. Anyway, my question is, is this game a sequel of the old one, like a "part 2" and therefore I should play the old one first to understand the plot in a better way, or is it the same game with improved technical/graphical characteristics, like exile--> avernum??? Thanks
  11. Just a contribution: ENHANCING ITEMS — EHANCEMENT BLESSING CRYSTAL — Armor: Avoid Blows / Weapon: ? I used my steel broadsword combined with the blessing crystal someone gave me and the only difference I got is that now my item reads: "Enhancement: bonus to hit" So I guess that's what the Blessing Crystal does to weapons
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