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  1. Your character building strategy honestly sounds reasonably solid. You might not be fussy about the details but your setup is pretty classic. I wonder if your laissez-faire approach happened to go in less classic directions, in other games? That seems like the most obvious explanation. I'm also not sure which other SW games you mean -- there are a lot, and they vary in what makes them challenging -- but I guess one thing that does potentially make A6 (and A4 and A5) easier is that the character traits are extremely powerful if set up properly. There's no equivalent to those in Geneforge, Avadon, or the Remakes of A1-A3.
  2. "Clicking" on things with a tiny touchscreen is tricky. It's a lot easier if you're just clicking on squares rather than an isometric figure. Think about the issues that even PC versions of Geneforge had, from time to time, where you thought you were clicking to move somewhere, but instead you clicked on yourself and passed your turn...
  3. Strategy Central was first started for G3 as a central hub for technical discussion. I can state this for a fact because I was the one who did it, and I did it right in the middle of that massive defs file unpacking about broken vlish 😛 Now shoo. Go build a wiki, and no supper until you do!
  4. That's true. The original did have an extremely different skill/experience system, which is fondly remembered by many.
  5. Repeating myself because this point is important: the idea of a wiki is not the issue.
  6. The "hostility" has nothing to do with the idea of a wiki. That's why I said wikis are potentially great. That's also why I said I hope you succeed with the wiki. The "hostility" has everything to do with your attitude. Your very first post is -- in your words -- "making a case" as to why other people should change what they are doing. You made a "proposal" for what "we" should do in bold print. You also asked us to promote your project. It's a little presumptuous. Throw in your complaints, and I think it's not hard to see why you did not get embraced. Look: a wiki, as an additional resource, isn't a bad idea at all. But as I said, the proof is in the pudding. So far, you haven't actually done anything to make the wiki a reality, but you've made two long posts arguing, in one way or another, with what's already on the forums. That does not bode well. I suggest you put your effort into making the wiki rather than trying to persuade people here that a currently-imaginary wiki will be awesome. Seriously, go make it now. The game's not out but you can begin putting the structure together. You clearly have some ideas about what you'd like to see in it, and you are probably the target audience for a wiki, so why not get started? Once you have something to show, you can then talk up the wiki instead of dumping on what we've done in the past.
  7. If you make a wiki, and there is useful information in it, it will definitely get linked in Strategy Central! That said, Imma be honest here, it's a little off-putting to show up out of nowhere and proclaim "Hey, I don't like the way you've been organizing information over here for literally the last 15 years, you should do it my way instead, and also I want you to advertise this for me." Wikis are potentially great. But as you note, there is more effort involved -- particularly if you want the advantages you list in point #1 to actually exist. A lot of effort has to go into organizing and updating the wiki that isn't necessary here. Randomizer collates truly massive amounts of in-game information in incredibly useful lists. And then they sit in a single thread. Ctrl-F takes the place of a whole extra level of organization, splitting up pages and organizing links to them. If you want to take that on, go for it, but the fact that this data gets gathered in the first place is clearly more important. Just dumping it in a couple threads here makes it easy to just focus on getting the data. A similar thing could be said when one of us goes on a mechanics spelunking expedition. Strategy Central is well organized, and google search of the forums is available if the place to find a particular piece of information isn't obvious. (And if you're looking for information that doesn't exist, well, it's not magically going to exist just because there's a wiki.) Aaaand wikis do come with disadvantages. If they end up half-done, it can actually be much harder to locate needed information on them than it is via a super simple format like Strategy Central. I'm sure you've seen game wikis in that state, just like I have. So, let me make a suggestion. Instead of complaining about the way we've been doing things for, again, literally the last 15 years... consider proposing your wiki as a project you want to try and would love help with. That way, you wouldn't pre-emptively put off the very people whose work your wiki will clearly be relying on. Second point: your bold text indicates that you are (wisely) aware that the wiki needs people to work on it especially at the beginning, for it to take off. But don't put the cart before the horse. An empty wiki is not going to get advertised in the Strategy Central that you find so inadequate, just because it "could" take off. You want us to promote your project before it exists. The reality is, wikis have been attempted before and haven't taken off. I genuinely hope you succeed. But for me at least, the proof is in the pudding. Strategy Central doesn't "advertise", it organizes and attempts to make it easy to find information. Make the pudding first.
  8. Why not lock it down to just one class? Most abilities in D&D are locked down that way. Wizards can't use cleric spells, etc.
  9. Excellent! Good to have solid confirmation that nothing affects the chance of a successfully activated debuff node succeeding. I mean, it's too bad that's the case, but it's nice to know for sure.
  10. IIRC, that line actually affects duration, not chance of success. (Specifically, it affects the output quantity, which is duration for status nodes and amount for damage/healing nodes.) It sounds like it should affect chance of success, but it doesn't. I would not use "buffing to 1000" as a test for anything, since that is FAR beyond the values the game is set up to deal with, and there are lots of opportunities for things to go awry there, ranging from simple caps to variable overflow to breaking lookup tables. Also, do not assume that all Shadow/Sorc abilities are keyed to Dex/Int -- they aren't. Dex is used for all PC-based ranged physical attacks. Int is used for all PC-based magical attacks. Dex or Int is used, based on class, for all scarab-based ranged/magical attacks. For status abilities, the stat varies. It's usually what you'd expect for the class or type of attack, but not always. There is at least one example in Av3 of a status ability that keys off of Strength, for example. (And it doesn't make any sense and isn't predictable.) Nobody analyzed it that closely in earlier games so I wouldn't assume stats for status abilities.
  11. I don't think anyone in this thread was talking about any Dark Castle, actually 😛
  12. Very straightforward. Two major endings, depending solely on which side you supported. Empowering Gladwell makes a difference but it's still one of those two major endings.
  13. All in all it's pretty minimal variance. See Triumph's link for full details.
  14. In recent years, maybe, but I don't think "minor tweaks" accurately describes the evolution between 1994 and 2004, which saw three radically different engines and combat models, as well as two unique scenario creation engines, that were not much like anything else by SW (or by anyone else).
  15. "Another intriguing industry is the augmented and virtual reality space" faceplantation
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