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  1. D&D was one of the big influences on early CRPGs. Ultima and Wizardry were most frequently cited as influences, by Jeff, in the Exile days. I'm going to disagree with the "it works" part. I mean, yes, to a certain degree there are obvious correlations: if you're attacking in melee, you're going to be positioned to take hits in melee, so boosting offense and defense together makes sense. But Exile's mechanics are not flat at all; the optimal way to do things often flies in the face of traditional archetypes. Early Strength is useful for magic-users (for the free HP at level-up) and some spell levels at character creation is nice for anyone (free SP). It's generally more productive to have warriors learn some Arcane Lore than having just mages specialize in it. etc.
  2. Dyne's Paliside has a passive ability called "Shield Ally", doesn't it? +2 to Shield Ally. That kinda seems like it could explain this +10% to physical evasion that only shows up for the non-prince PCs when they are near him.
  3. This is sort of the opposite of what Spiderweb does, though. Jeff says pretty frequently that he thinks his writing is his best asset as a game-maker. He may be underselling some of his other talents, for sure... but it's hard to see this as a game he would want to make. Also, Dark Souls as an example is kind of telling... that's not exactly a turn-based RPG. I think you just want a different genre.
  4. Are any of your characters wearing the Ruby Pendant or Dyne's Palisade?
  5. a few things are clear here: 1) Tower of Might doesn't apply unless the character who has it is on the map. Even for them. This is why the Vol PC gets +15/+15 in battle compared to in a fort. 2) Something is causing physical evasion to go up an extra +10, for everyone who's not the royal PC, when the party is clustered. #2 seems more likely to be a separate effect, than a bug in Tower of Might, given that it doesn't affect the royal PC, and also doesn't affect the Vol PC when they are the only one in range for Tower of Might. I suggest that in fact this +10 is also being applied to the royal PC -- but it's being generated by the royal PC, so there's no scenario in which we see it not being applied. If proximity to the royal PC is responsible, that explains why this +10 looks like it's coming and going with Tower of Might. But it's not.
  6. OK, so to translate for the new folks here: This is something people think would be cool, but no one is actually working on it. For context, OBoE has been in development for 12 years now.
  7. ADoS, is that "goal" something CM is actually working on, or is it just an idea that got discussed at some point? I'd hate for anyone to get their hopes up.
  8. Those particular iMacs shipped with the GeForce card -- I'm not sure they had the old Intel integrated graphics card that so many of us have such ugly memories of. I don't think it's a given that this is a GPU issue.
  9. Thanks for the extra info. This does appear to be a stumper. Could be a graphics software issue, could also be something unrelated -- like a conflict with installed software that operates as a background process (rather than being an application that you can open and close).
  10. Well, you've chosen... all of the least favoured weapons, IMO Hope you have a good play-through!
  11. Well... wands aren't exciting to begin with. They can be useful against enemies with high physical defense and low magic defense; magic melee weapons are definitely better, but wands are there if you want ranged attacks against them. With staves, just for clarity, it's not a -50% to speed, it's a 50% chance of causing 2 turns of Slow on the single enemy you're attacking (for regular attacks only). That's potential useful -- except that when you really care about Slow, you're probably wanting to land it with an AoE spell anyway. Even when you don't, it's an inconsistent effect that applies only to the enemy you're attacking for ST damage -- very likely the next enemy that's going to die. So that's kinda meh. Staves do deal more damage than wands, but not by very much: they deal a half point more (on average) per every 2 experience levels your have. Even at endgame, that means about 5-6 extra damage, which is not a lot at that point.
  12. Well, he doesn't in the current version's scripts, and neither the quest index nor game atlas (both based on v1.0 and/or late beta versions) list any quests for him. Talking to him did give me a funny feeling like there had to be more to do there, even though there never was. But I guess I should stop trying to explain it and just say "Nope"
  13. Rusty doesn't give quests. Cody does, however, and he also talks about Rusty's records frequently, so maybe that's what you are thinking of?
  14. Hmm. If it's the 2012 iMac that comes with a GeForce card, that should meet the listed requirements. However, that is still a 7 year old computer, so there's certainly room for something to not line up. 2 things worth trying, to isolate what's going on: - If you're running through Steam, try launching the application manually instead. - Disable as many background processes as you can (whether other apps, or just extensions like antivirus software) -- it's possible there's a conflict with something you have installed.
  15. This, uh -- you do realize that Geneforge is literally the story of scavenging the lost magi-science of the ancients -- not just the shaping secrets buried a few hundred years ago on Sucia, but what they were based on: the magi-science of the literal ancients.
  16. Yeah, the system actually really incentivizes not just sticking to one training tab. Most of the passive tier benefits are useful for everyone, often more useful than even acquiring a new active skill from your favored tab. Most of the passive skills are also great. And, because you don't have to pick STR/DEX/INT to specialize in, an ability like Whirlwind Attack can be used at near-peak effectiveness by any character.
  17. That's really interesting. Huh. And speaking of the Vahnatai's sleeping period, ties in quite well with what Elohi-Bok says about scarcity of resources in the caves. Bit subtler of a take than how A6 handled it. The Sliths originate in the deeper caves, not higher up in Exile. This is also why the Vahnatai remember them from before the Resting.
  18. I don't think Spiderweb has an official policy on modding, but Jeff made at least one post here where he was supportive of them.
  19. I believe that some of the dialogue pics are constructed out of image pieces, just like the PC portraits are -- that may have something to do with it.
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