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  1. I was never big on the game mechanics in Spiderweb games myself, funnily enough. I think I ended up cheating at Geneforge 2 because I didn't want to touch any canisters but just couldn't move forward at all as soon as the enemies were tier 4 creations, but I had to see it through because I loved my group of rescued Mutant Animal Buddies. I'm kinda... bad... at making good use of buffs and debuffs, too. Queen's Wish kinda hammered some of that stuff into me, frankly. Again, the changes to the combat-resources system were fantastic to me and I was able to adapt to the challenges they provide nic
  2. Fair on the point of arguable stability with the Ahriel. I think the route-of-most-stability would entail totally deposing the Watchers, perhaps executing them, but that option was not available from what I could tell, for a reason I'm not sure of. Since I went with the Trench Towners, my ending said "You provide assistance to the revitalizing government such that they are entirely dependent on your assistance," and I do not know if there's any other ending for such an outcome if I'd acted differently (my Princess was merciful to the extreme, rather informal but not to the extreme, and fully w
  3. First off, some notes I didn't get to: - The only thing I didn't do other than wipe out the Nisse was I didn't make a decision about the Ukat dragon. - RIP Brackdon Cawr, whom the Nisse have probably turned into a pillar man now. Would have been nice to smash more of their infrastructure and burn more of their records to save him. - I also asserted I ought to rule instead of Sutter at the end of the game, in lieu of "We ought to stop ruling as a system", abruptly and completely alienating him from me. Hah. I guess, strictly speaking, I hadn't finished Lady Brokk's qu
  4. Hello, forums! QW:tC was an extremely different experience. Up until now, the only Spiderweb games I'd managed to play through thus far (despite owning them now after a long childhood of playing the demos) were the first two and a half Geneforges (I got part-way through the fourth island and life circumstances changed in a way that let me lose momentum and not really get it back). Other than that, I'd been making headway into the Avernum 1 remake (because I want to get to the third quickly, as the original 3 was a big chunk of my childhood). I tried Avadon, but didn't want to deal
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