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  1. Oh I got out... Sorry user error. When you can't figure something out it must be a bug. Always blame it on the programmer.
  2. There is a small little quest where you enter a dark forest and 'you are being stalked' by a couple of baslisks and gremlins. Anyway, I can't find a way back out and seem to be trapped in a loop unable to exit the forest. It appears to be a bug.
  3. Hey, I just wanted to congratulate you on an awesome game! So much fun. Just like the Ultima and Wizardry games I loved so much. Anyway, best of luck! You have a neat sense of humor. I see tons of little jokes scattered throughout the empire. Best of luck.
  4. My fighter has 4 health potions in his inventory. I want to give out the potions. One for each character. How do I break up the 4 potions into single units? I don't want to pass all 4 potions at a time. Thanks.
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