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  1. TJ Hedgescout

    What have you been eating recently?

    Pizza and Tacos
  2. TJ Hedgescout

    how to buy BOA

    Yeah you know what, i think ill just cave and get it, that way i get them all digitally and no more need for install disks.
  3. TJ Hedgescout

    how to buy BOA

    I have sent an email, i couldnt click on any of the "email me" links though as that just does nothing So i contacted orders@spiderwebsoftware.com to see if i can get help.
  4. TJ Hedgescout

    how to buy BOA

    I will give it a try, but in the mean time i want to know ways of getting it standalone (i still have the 1st and 2nd trilogy disks from back in the day so i dont see a need to rebuy those when i need 1 game)
  5. TJ Hedgescout

    how to buy BOA

    I think i bought the game back in the mid 2000s so i bought it with a dead email I hope they can offer to sell it seperately or something.
  6. TJ Hedgescout

    how to buy BOA

    I want to rebuy the game but i cant on the front page anymore, it says go to GOG but it gives me the entire saga and i only want to buy BOA.
  7. TJ Hedgescout

    Level Caps?

    True, but i just want to make sure im powerful enough to beat Emperor Hawthorne. knowledge brew? Just plain old exp compared to the previous version?
  8. TJ Hedgescout

    Level Caps?

    I don't mind grinding, who said rewards had to come easy? I wish to earn my rewards.
  9. TJ Hedgescout

    Level Caps?

    i had a "walkthrough" tell me you stop getting skill points after 30. My versions is 1.0.1S
  10. TJ Hedgescout

    Level Caps?

    Also i need to ask one more thing, Do you stop getting Skill points after level 30 or has that changed?
  11. TJ Hedgescout

    sharpshooter & sniper question

    Ok good, because i dont want to carry alot of javs with me they would weigh too much eventually and i want to have my 2 front fighters using bows. Basically i have a Tank and a Dual Wielder at the front with a white and black mage at the back.
  12. The description says it makes "missile weapons" better, but what about Bows? Do they count too or no?
  13. I was given one when i bought the game. No this was the EFTP remake, it even had the artwork of it on the cover. I don't know why i got one if they don't ship these?
  14. Not the original Avernum trilogy though (plus BOA). But yeah
  15. TJ Hedgescout

    Level Caps?

    (Please delete this post)