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  1. Level Caps?

    True, but i just want to make sure im powerful enough to beat Emperor Hawthorne. knowledge brew? Just plain old exp compared to the previous version?
  2. Level Caps?

    I don't mind grinding, who said rewards had to come easy? I wish to earn my rewards.
  3. Level Caps?

    i had a "walkthrough" tell me you stop getting skill points after 30. My versions is 1.0.1S
  4. Level Caps?

    Also i need to ask one more thing, Do you stop getting Skill points after level 30 or has that changed?
  5. Ok good, because i dont want to carry alot of javs with me they would weigh too much eventually and i want to have my 2 front fighters using bows. Basically i have a Tank and a Dual Wielder at the front with a white and black mage at the back.
  6. The description says it makes "missile weapons" better, but what about Bows? Do they count too or no?
  7. I was given one when i bought the game. No this was the EFTP remake, it even had the artwork of it on the cover. I don't know why i got one if they don't ship these?
  8. Not the original Avernum trilogy though (plus BOA). But yeah
  9. Level Caps?

    (Please delete this post)
  10. A:EFTP did. I bought a disk to go with the game. I suppose i could try, but maybe it would be better to buy it through steam so i wouldnt need a disk?
  11. Level Caps?

    I see, why did people rumor of a remake for it?
  12. i sadly don't remember the details anymore... I bought it back in i think 2015.
  13. Level Caps?

    It sucks that BOA doesnt get a big community since that's moddable as well. Someone even made an avernum inspired mod that added a slitherkai to Winterhold. But anyways yeah, i'd like to know the level cap of BOA remix "if" we get one. Hope it's like at least 100 or something cause mods.
  14. I have to rebuy the game, my installation disk was stolen I'd like to try this remix out.
  15. Level Caps?

    I see, but i hope 65 is still good enough to survive the high level areas. But one thing though, what if there was a BOA remake? Wouldn't the level cap need to be higher since people could add harder mobs? (hypothetical)