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  1. Installed the updated version and works like a charm! Great stuff Alhoon I hope if there is ever more Geneforge games made that Jeff incorporates some of yours and Gamerman's ideas into it! I do like to have lots of mechanics to get all the best stuff easy
  2. Hello! Thanks to everyone who put in hours to get us more Geneforge content! I am really enjoying playing though the mod! I have encountered a bug however in the Foundry Core East. When I try to unlock the door in the core, I am given a choice to make a creation. However, no matter which option I pick the game bugs out. I get the message "z5westfoundlg.txt Error: Unmatched right bracket in line 1463" followed by "Talking Error; Dialogue Script broken or absent." If someone could help me out with this issue, I would appreciate it! I very much would like to finish this amazing mod!
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