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  1. Brexgem

    Joining the Darkside Loyalists?

    When you met Ruth in Exodus, you need to express interest in joining the Loyalists or at least doubt with the current state of the Empire. Otherwise when you meet her again she will doubt you and attack you no matter what you say. Then she'll ask for some sort of evidence of your desire to join. Sparing Tholmen is the easiest way to prove yourself, but there are other ways if you killed him. If you satisfy her, you'll have one final test of loyalty before you're finally allowed to join.
  2. Brexgem

    Hexedit for flying status in Exile 3

    Do you know which hexes to edit for the Orb of Thralni?
  3. Is there anyway to confer a permanent flying effect on your party using the Hexeditor?
  4. Does the caster's level and/or intelligence improve the chances of the spell working?
  5. I was reading the source code for BoE, and noticed this: case eSpell::STUMBLE: store_m_type = 8; victim->curse(4 + bonus); store_sound = 24; break; case eSpell::CURSE: store_m_type = 8; victim->curse(2 + bonus); store_sound = 24; break; Does this mean that the Lvl 1 spell 'Stumble' is more effective than the Lvl 2 spell 'Curse'? Also, what affects the chances of Sleep Cloud/Paralysis/Mass Paralyze/Mass Charm affecting an enemy?