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  1. I was thinking that it was a spell my priest didn't already know, and when I went to train, I was only able to buy one level (after finding the first level somewhere out in the world). However, I may have just forgotten that I'd already trained once. Thanks for explaining all that. I thought someone had posted that if you kill Limoncelli to learn Dispel Barrier or train with some other NPC (Aimee?) before getting the first level at Pyrn's Tower, it wouldn't count. I'd hate not being able to learn more than 2 levels of that spell.
  2. No, I only have a few points in Bows & Swords for the same reasons that you mentioned. I don't want my mage and priest to be completely reliant on their spells when they run out of energy or when the melee characters die. Now that I think about it, I believe the post I was reading about casters benefiting from Adrenaline Rush may have been someone's advice on playing as a singleton. I have my casters' spell skills maxed and now I'm putting points into Spellcraft. I appreciate all your tips for an optimal build. When I replay the game, I'll probably train different skills. The first thing I do when I start one of these games is give everyone at least one point in Priest spells because I don't like having to run back to town so often to revive fallen party members. I must be doing something right because the Cotra eyebeast is the only foe I haven't been able to beat other than the roaming ogres near the Tower of Magi before my party leveled up a bit. They don't die after the first blow anymore, thank goodness. My priest has learned Divine Fire now. I just need to find someone who teaches Fireblast. If my party learns the first level of a spell in a dungeon, will they still be able to train twice? If I recall correctly, my priest was only able to buy one level of a spell with the trainer in Fort Dranlon. I switch back and forth between the games in this series, so it could've been Avernum: EftP instead.
  3. Okay, now everyone in my party is level 21. I tried taking on the eyebeast in Cotra. Even with Invulnerability potions, I can only get its health down to about half before I'm annihilated. I'm hoping I still have time to raise my casters' weapon skills high enough for the benefit of using Adrenaline Rush. (?) (It never occurred to me that that discipline would be beneficial to them until I started browsing the forums.) I just read somewhere that characters don't get as many traits after level 30, and I haven't been putting any points into Resistance. Any thoughts on whether I can make it through the game without having many points in that? Now that I've got my melee characters' weapon skills built up, I'm putting more points into Parry/Riposte/Quick Action/Lethal Blow/Hardiness, etc. I truly hope I don't have to start over. They don't have many points in Gymnastics and Blademaster. Tool Use is 12, Cave Lore is 11, Arcane Lore is 13, Vahnatai Lore is 2, and First Aid is 8. I haven't invested in Luck or Sage Lore. My casters still need to learn Divine Fire and Fireblast. I suspect that will help me defeat creatures like the eyebeast. (?) Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
  4. I've had better luck with Dual Wielding in previous games (A6 & Avernum: EftP) than with sword and shield, but my characters were getting killed by ogres and giants before they even had a chance to attack. I started equipping them with the shields and increasing endurance so they'd have enough hit points to survive those massive blows. They're able to withstand a lot more damage now that they have 170+ hit points. My mage and priest can actually do as much or more damage with spells than my warriors which is fine by me because the warriors can survive long enough to keep them alive now. I have a ring with +2 to Dual Wielding, so I'll probably get rid of my sword fighter's shield and try increasing strength more often than endurance to see how it goes. I'm playing on normal difficulty. Maybe I just tried to complete some quests I wasn't meant to do until my characters were at a higher level.
  5. That helps a lot. Thanks!
  6. Thank you for replying. I don't understand what you mean regarding the stat increases. My characters are currently at level 16 and 17. How would the increases apply after level 6? To clarify my comments about stat increases above, I meant that sometimes I will see different stats above the characters' heads when they level up. The text is purple. Sometimes my warriors will get a point in strength and other times they'll get a point in dexterity, and if I recall correctly, they occasionally have an endurance increase. I mostly see bonuses of intelligence for my mage and priest, but sometimes they get dexterity bonuses. Also, I was wondering if intelligence has an effect on how much experience each character gains. My mage and priest level up faster even though they all have Quick Learning and Great Wisdom traits.
  7. Thank you, Lilith. I have my melee characters wearing regular pants instead of the leather greaves, etc., but one of them has the Assassin's Shield, which has +2 to Lethal Blow, 3% to melee damage, and 12% chance to parry. I'm wondering if I'd be better off having everyone dual wielding except for my slith warrior. That shield has -15% to hit chance. My priest and mage are using the Stout Hardwood Shield (+2 to Hardiness, +8% chance to Parry) and the Shield of Succor (+8% chance to Parry, +10% to Healing). Both shields have -10% to hit chance. They both have the Sure Hand trait, and my mage has the Swordmage trait. They're starting to hit more often now that I've added points to their strength. I normally increase my melee characters' strength every other level and increase their endurance so that it's about equal to strength since they take so much damage in combat. When they level up, I notice that they get stat increases automatically, but it flashes so quickly that I don't always see which ones were increased. Is the stat increase random? For example, I sometimes notice +1 Strength or +1 Dexterity above them when they level up at the same time. Sometimes my priest or mage gets +1 Intelligence. I know that their health and spell energy increases when they level up, but I don't think they always get the same stat increases. I went back to the Blasted Ruins to sanctify the evil altar, but I still can't find a key to get into the locked room. I tried opening it with the key that was guarded by the three demons. Am I missing a key somewhere in the ruins? I'm assuming that I'll find it somewhere else or that I'll have to come back when I can dispel the barrier. Unfortunately, I have to kill Limoncelli to learn Dispel Barrier. Is there anywhere else to learn the spell? I'll need at least two levels for that barrier. http://steamcommunity.com/id/BloomingLilac/screenshot/880881779827775031
  8. 1. Is the Strong Back trait worth getting? I'm confused about whether it's an improvement over Swordmage or if it's meant to decrease a character's "to hit" penalty. My warriors are so strong now that they are nowhere near being encumbered by their armor. However, they do miss a lot when I have them wear too many items with "to hit" penalties. They both have at least one level of Sure Hand. 2. I just finished the Find Gremlin Women quest. I'm in the Giant Fort. Do I need to wait until the women have been rescued to get through this passage? I've tried casting Move Mountains to break the rocks inside the fence. That didn't work, and I can't see any other switches. Here's a screenshot: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1225590710 Thanks in advance for any help.
  9. Thanks a million! I'm not sure how I missed it.
  10. I went upstairs and took the only stairway down (that I can see) and here's a screenshot of the area it led to. http://steamcommunity.com/id/BloomingLilac/screenshot/870748015991211777 The blocked area is barely visible in that shot.
  11. Yes, it's from the lowest level. I've taken a new screenshot with the automap open. I'm not sure why I'm not finding the stairway down to this area or a wheel to open that gate. If I recall correctly, I found a way through in a previous save. Thank you for replying and trying to help me. http://steamcommunity.com/id/BloomingLilac/screenshot/870748015991177506
  12. I'm in the Nephilim Fortress. Can anyone tell me if there's a way to open this area that's blocked off? Here's a screenshot: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1219496381
  13. A6 - Cackling Demon (Possible bug?)

    Browsing through my journal, I noticed that I had the first two encounters with the demon recorded. There was no update when I killed him. Does anyone know how to edit game files to force the quest to update? I've never used any cheats or edited my text files. Thanks in advance.
  14. Hi. I found the Cackling Demon before talking to Captain Skye. After he disappeared for the second time, I found the captain and mentioned to her that I chased the demon away. (This was the only dialogue option available about the demon. I didn't know killing the demon was a quest until I looked at a walkthrough. It's not even listed as a quest in my journal.) Captain Skye mentioned that he'd gone north, scaring some refugees along the way, and she told me to get rid of him. Now that he's dead, there's no dialogue option with Captain Skye. Did I botch the quest by attempting to kill the demon before I received the quest? That normally doesn't happen in these games. I can do a quest before accepting it and still get a reward later on. (I've completed some job board quests before getting to the job board, for example.) The demon dropped the Mercuric Leather and a Fiery Wand. I suppose I can force myself to continue playing without getting a reward from Skye. Any help will be appreciated.
  15. A4 - Questions about crafting recipes...

    Thanks! Like you, I forget what items I need to save for each game in this series.