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  1. That's too bad. I've consulted his walkthroughs many times, but I come here when I start feeling frustrated. 🙂 Does this game have crafting? I noticed there's an anvil in the remake. Also, does anyone besides the starting alchemist need herbs? I finished her quest and I've been saving a sprig of wiry moss just in case. If anyone can tell me who buys research notes, I'd appreciate it.
  2. Great! Thank you. Does MattP post on this forum? I would like to thank him.
  3. I forgot to say that I'm creating them as I level my magic shaping. I'm about to level up to 20, so I'll increase it then. One of my searing artilas is level 21 and the other one is level 20. I'll keep buying speed spores. Thank you!
  4. Do you know if there are any create thahd canisters? I just checked to see if I could buy another level and couldn't. I'll be disappointed if I can't reach level 3. Does that apply to all rings and equipment that boost creation stats, or just strength? I had the Projection Band and now I'm wearing the Ring of the Eye for mind effect resistance. If it doesn't work, I'll switch to Sharon's Bracelet. I'm waiting for payday next week to get G2: Infestation. 🙂 Yes, I use war blessing/protection and all of the spores and crystals I have available. My creations miss quite a bit anyway, which is frustrating. I keep getting to the 5th ghost in the Stinking Marsh and having to reload because even the searing artilas can't hit it. Should I level up their dexterity or strength?
  5. Thank you for posting. I appreciate your tips. I'm playing the original G2 on tricky. It doesn't have essence mastery. I think I'll revisit some of the places I may have missed. Hopefully, I won't have to start over. I've been augmenting myself. My party consists of a thahd, vlish, roamer, and two searing artilas. I'm not sure if I can train again in create thahd because I got it as a reward in the starting area for finding the smart servile.
  6. I'm having some difficulty with the battle alphas near the Rising bridge, although I just got some crystals (madness, swarm, and ensnaring) that I haven't tried yet. They're not too bad unless I have to fight them all at once. I'm a level 18 unaligned shaper. Should I be doing something else right now? I've explored and cleared most of the map to the northeast except for the crystal mines and Experimental Chambers. I haven't found Tuldaric yet. My shaping skills aren't very high. I have 3 points in each, and I haven't killed all of the monsters in Sharon's Grove. I still have to do the Ellhrah's Tomb quest, kill the 3 bandits, and find a cure for the serviles. I've been putting points in intelligence {8}, leadership (6), and mechanics (6). I have 7 points in missile weapons. The highest level creation I have is the searing artila, and I don't have any money to learn anything else. Even if I get past the battle alphas, the two creations on the other side can kill me quickly. Thank you in advance for any help. Edit: I have Ty's quest to kill Twini, but I'm trying to avoid killing anyone who doesn't attack me first.
  7. Hello. I tried the Windows ADK fix for Geneforge 2 (original), but it still takes about 5 seconds for the menu to pop up after clicking the icon or ESC key. I'm also getting static with background sounds on. Can anyone confirm if Agrit's DDWrapper would work for the delay? It fixed the lag I had in Avernum 4. Thank you! https://steamcommunity.com/app/206020/discussions/0/1742229167187268587/
  8. That's good to know. At first, I had some trouble with the two cryoas and the blue artila in the northern mine location, but I lured them into the area with the pylon. That made short work of them, and I had the daze spell by then. It feels good to find a solution to some of the more tricky fights. I could've used the stairs without fighting them, but I was worried about encountering them with low health. I'm always excited when I unlock cryoas and clawbugs! I got a point in stealth when I reached level 4. I'm guessing that works a bit like the traits in the Avernum games so that you get a bonus every few levels?
  9. Great. I was worried since I downloaded the demo from Spiderweb. I appreciate your advice. I'll keep it in mind.
  10. Okay, thank you. I got 100xp for soothing her. I'm just waiting for payday, so when I finish the demo, I may play the original. 🙂
  11. Thanks for your comments. If you hadn't posted, I don't know if I would've reloaded. It turns out that I didn't have enough leadership to complete the smart servile quest. I remember talking to her a few times, but the option to threaten her didn't show up. It worked today with 3 points. I learned to create an artila and completed the quest to find the source of the rogues. Now, I'm level 4! If I buy the game on Steam, will I need to start over? I'll add a point in leadership. Thank you! I'm hoping I can get the terrified servile now, too. Tsuenami? There was also a fyora in one of the starting locations that wandered off when I clicked on it. Edit: I forgot to mention that one of the thahds died and I finished the rogues quest with 1 thahd, 1 fyora, and 1 artila with the charge upgrade for the thahd and the shielding upgrade for the artila. The combat initiation issue was resolved by changing my resolution. I feel so foolish! How do I change settings again after selecting "Always start in this mode."? I didn't see any configuration files.
  12. Maybe I missed some quests? I was playing the demo, so I couldn't go north.
  13. Thank you! I think my main problem was investing all of my essence in creations, leaving maybe 4 points for spells. I had 2 thahds and 2 fyoras. My highest level fyora was killed, but I didn't reload. Then, I absorbed my 2 thahds and created 3 fyoras. I didn't have enough essence for special abilities for all of them. One had the AoE fire ability, but I wasn't using it often because of the massive damage to my party. Positioning is tricky sometimes. I don't understand why combat is initiated so far away in this remaster. Some of the enemies weren't visible, and there's no way they should see me if they're out of my line of sight. I was told that an enemy was visible when I tried ending combat so many times that I became frustrated. If I recall correctly, I put 2 points in leadership, 2 points in mechanics, 1 point in melee, 1 point in battle magic, and 1 point in essence mastery. I believe I was level 3. My fyoras weren't doing enough damage, so I may reload and create at least one thahd. I'm playing as a shaper, using spells and mostly missiles. I just got the cure affliction spell. This is how I play the originals, but maybe I should've learned to create an artila first. I was only able to get a few coins in shops. (One coin for items worth ten coins is terrible! Merchants paid 2 coins for wooden shields in Avernum 4.)
  14. I did notice wine was added for healing. Toward the end of the demo, I was trying to kill the withered roamer and lost all but one of my creations, then it spawned 3-4 artilas. (I'll have to load the original game to check, but I don't remember AoE spells damaging my party on hard difficulty.) With one healing pod and no spores, I may have to lower the difficulty or keep reloading. My fyoras were doing 2-7 damage. Thahds were having to walk so far that they couldn't attack. I had one point in stealth, but combat initiates from very long distances. Sometimes enemies weren't visible without moving the screen.
  15. Thank you! That was always helpful to me, especially starting out with little money for spores. Edit: My character can't use food for healing because he's "still full". I was playing on hard. It's been a long time since I played the original, so I can't say for sure, but I think I was able to heal anytime with food. 🙂
  16. Hi! I'm playing the demo. In the original games, I recall being able to feed creations, but selecting it from the quick slot results in my character eating it instead. Is there another way to do it? Thanks in advance.
  17. Thank you so much for your reply! I truly appreciate it, especially because I was starting to worry about my post being way too long! I started playing games when Atari was all the rage. While I was never very good at arcade games, I consider myself an advanced strategy, time management, and RPG player. I play strategy and TM games until I reach expert or gold status before moving to the next level. It's a bit of an obsession for me, but I've realized that I'm probably not supposed to be playing this game that way! There's a warning that this quest is difficult, after all. 😉 But I thought I might not be able to complete the game if I couldn't complete this quest. I figured if I didn't get any replies, I'd go get the Orb of Thralni and then try killing Hirickis again! I didn't know how much loot I'd miss if I let him go. I've never been able to get to the fight with him with my other parties, so I'm getting a little better! 😀 I'll take screenshots of my party if I keep having trouble. At this point, I don't want to keep reloading, but I'd hate to skip the quest.
  18. What is the suggested level for the Honeycomb Horrors quest? I'm playing with a party of two on hard. My priest is level 40 and my level 36 slith warrior has all the battle disciplines, with 17 in pole weapons. We've been up near Formello and finished most side quests before moving on to kill the slith for Levitt. All the main quests have been challenging, but not too difficult to complete. I tried to do the Honeycomb quest 2-4 levels ago and managed to get Hirickis to the third circle before he moves to his final chamber with the three circles. When I read that I wouldn't have to start the entire quest over, I decided to move on to other quests. Now we're in Hirickis's final chamber with much better gear, quite a few potions, and training in several skills, including Gymnastics, Anatomy, and Cloak of the Arcane at level 3. Hirickis is able to kill all of my Arcane Summons in one blow and daze my party, plus summon, so we stopped summoning and focused on slowing him and killing his summons as soon as possible. He was down to less than a quarter of his health and offered to let us have his treasure if we let him go. He never got to the third circle. I chose not to let him go, and now, near death, he suddenly has the strength (after begging for his life) to move back to the first circle and kill us in one round. We were not at full health, but I'm trying to make sense of this. Why is this quest so much more difficult than anything I've come across, including all the quests I've received in the Eastern Gallery (except Hunt the Lich), and the fight with The Shadow up near Fort Draco? I literally have 17 quests in my journal, with 4 being radiant quests and the one to drive off the farmers in Bargha because I hate killing them. If I play on normal, the game is too easy. I've invested more than 1,000 hours into this game with different party configurations. I'm not a power gamer by any means, but this fight seems unbalanced. My priest has 82% armor with 70% resistance to cold and my slith has 79% armor with 76% resistance to cold, yet Hirickis does 65 cold damage to my priest and 30 to my slith. I normally don't pay that much attention to the damage we take unless I'm having trouble with a quest, but I do read as much as possible for enemy weaknesses/resistances. He also charms my priest more often than I would expect with his high intelligence and gear. (Party Arcane Lore is 17.) I understand that this can be random, as the next time I reload, my slith might take more damage than my priest, but why is he taking double damage or more at times? I've read the help section in the game and quite a few posts here about how damage/resistance works. Each time I reach this point in the game, I become frustrated and often create a new party in the hope that I might be able to figure out where I went wrong in leveling. This time, I only gave my slith 1 point in priest spells and trained him as high as I was allowed in Gymnastics and Anatomy. Am I supposed to be able to finish this quest without Invulnerable potions? I had one Invulnerable potion each, plus 3 Battle Crystals, and 2 Purging Crystals. I even tried staying in battle mode to move from place to place so my Ward of Elements wouldn't fade so often. My Strong Daze, Control Foe, and Terror spells are maxed, but they fail about 80% of the time. Can someone explain why this is happening? I appreciate all the help I can get. This is my favorite Spiderweb game. I'd really like to finish it! Thank you in advance. Edit: I forgot to mention my priest is wearing Clover Boots. His luck is 3, while my slith's is 5. Could my priest be taking more damage because his luck is lower?
  19. Thank you for replying. I might be interested in modding the game, but I'll probably wait until I finish it as is. So far, I really like the Cryoas. I had 4 of them for quite a while before they were killed. One was level 23, I think. It was sad to see him go. Normally, I would've reloaded, but I have access to the upgraded Vlish, Corrupted Thahds, and Plated Clawbugs now. I'm looking forward to playing will all the different critters.
  20. I can't remember my character's level in G3, but some monsters were only giving one experience. I just got to the third island. In G5, I'm getting 18-25 with the same amount of creatures at around level 23 or 24. I like those blue stinging clawbugs in G5. Will I ever be able to create them?
  21. I'm currently playing G5 and enjoying it. My creations aren't going rogue constantly like they were in G3. They all have the suggested two levels of intelligence. Another thing I've noticed with G3 is that I'm not getting as much experience in battle as I am in G5. It's odd because I'm playing both on normal with the same amount of creations. I've leveled up much faster in G5, and I like the fact that I was able to get access to upgraded and new creatures a lot faster in G5. Yesterday, (in G5) I encountered the hostile ornks at the same time I was fighting some rebel serviles. Needless to say, I had to reload and take out the ornks first. I love big battles like these. I started out with the Avernum series. The battle during the Blessed Athame quest in A6 is a blast with all the creatures attacking my party along with the humans hiding out at the fort. I'll probably go back and finish G3 later and then check out the other games, including the Geneforge remake.
  22. I meant to say that I'll probably do the Honeycomb Horrors (not Dragon Gate) quest next. I've already cleared out the rest of the Honeycomb except for the bandits. Is the Ghost of Skunky Joe quest meant to be put off for later? I don't have a Spineshield scroll, which I think would be very helpful. His sentinels aren't taking much damage from my spells (even with Cloak of the Arcane). I'm playing on hard.
  23. I still have a few side quests to do in the Eastern Gallery. I'm currently working on the Fort Dranlon quest for Levitt, and I'll probably do the Dragon Gate quest next. It hasn't been too difficult to balance out the hit penalties with items. Two of my characters have good robes (Woven Silk and Enchanter's), my mage has the Runed Plate, and the slith has the Deadeye Chainmail. If I hadn't forgotten the traits, it would've been easier. Oh, well. I enjoy playing these games with spell-casting warriors. 😀
  24. I just got the quest to go to Formello. Can anyone tell me how far along I am in the game? I forgot to add traits at the beginning, so my characters have leveled up a little faster. My slith is level 29, but everyone else is level 32. The two warriors have all the battle disciplines, so I decided to put a few points in Mage spells for them. I'm just wondering if there's a level cap...Do I still have time to experiment with this? Thanks in advance.
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