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  1. Avernum: Escape From the Pit. I am definitely a new player here compared to almost all others. I find it kind of amazing because I was hip deep in RPG's back when the first Exile came out, and yet somehow I entirely missed these. It wasn't until Escape From the Pit was on a STEAM sale in 2012 that I even found it. Friends that never played anything from Spiderweb Software, but still thought they knew something about it, told me that I needed to play at least one of these games to have any 'Indy RPG cred'. Either way, I loved it. Finished all three Avadon's and Crystal Souls too. I have a backlog to clear out but Ruined World is in there soon enough, and at this point, I'll play anything that Jeff Vogel makes.
  2. Maybe the highlighting is me thinking of Baldur's Gate. But I did load up Avernum: Crystal Souls, and sure enough. If I push the 'a' key it gives me a display as listed above. Am I really the only one that played through these games using quick keys? Enter a room, tap 'a' and 'a' again to talk to the nearest npc.
  3. Yeah, I am aware of those. But I was asking if the other highlighting is still available. It can be hard to determine where things on on the screen after all, the icon's aren't very big and tend to blend into the background. Go ahead and load up Avernum Crystal Souls, there are these features. I am trying to find if they still exist in Avadon 3.
  4. I just started up Avadon 3 and I noticed that I can no longer seem to highlight objects. There used to be a button that highlighted loot on the ground, this was really handy as it made it possible for me to identify objects I could pick up. Now I have nearly no idea. I am constantly wondering if I am leaving loot behind. Was this ability removed from the game? Was the button changed and I just don't know about it? Similar to the above, in the previous games, I could hit the "attack/use" key("A" button in Avernum: Crystal Souls), and the screen would then display different characters I could talk to. I would follow this up by tapping the corresponding key and my characters would walk over and initiate dialogue. I found this to be a handy device to assist in playing. Was it removed or the button changed to something else? Anyone have any insight into this?
  5. For killing Garzahd I am also supposed to get Arcane Blow and Divine Host from the Tower of Magi. So where do I get these and where do I go?
  6. Just looking at all the lists for spell book locations, and I am realizing just how lacking they are in details. I know that I need to return three crystal souls(which I have done) and then I can get Arcane Summon and Divine Retribution from Olgai. Problem is I need some details. I have no idea what I have to do to get these two, who do I talk to? For that matter, what about the spells from killing Garzadh? How do I get them too? To be clear, I am not referring to the spells given to you by the crystals.
  7. Oh.... well, okay then. I finished Kostina's quest, as in killed her, I'll go look to see if she shows up in those rooms or at that trap door.
  8. I have been given the third part of the Wandering Eye Quest by Esmee. She requires that I find Dymas somewhere in Monitor Base D. Unfortunately I am unable to find Dymas either inside the base or on the exterior. Can anyone help here? Where am I supposed to go once I get the quest from Esmee? Thanks.
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