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  1. I have been informed that meatbags have difficulty processing large volumes of data in efficient fashions. Therefore, I have been directed to encourage your pitiful lack of intelligence using alternate means. I am still working on dumbing down my data set, but I shall show you some "pics" of what to expect in the coming weeks: Scenario browsing interface: Scenario detail view (more details to come): All of this should be complete within a couple weeks. Try not to die until then.
  2. In order to facilitate your petty meatbag desires to play more scenarios by a specific meatbag, I've created a new List: Scenarios by Author. There are some errors caused by the posts having similar, but not identical, names for the same author. This will be resolved shortly.
  3. Akhronath River and Leaf Alcritas Of Good and Evil (BoA) Alec Nine Variations on Point B Arancaytar Express Delivery Archmagus Micael Undead Valley BainIhrno Of Good and Evil (BoA) Benjamin Earles Strange Gildra The Cradle Celtic Minstrel Melliput Mobsters Cpt Charles Playground for the Pyromaniac The Battle for Gale Dintiradan Blades Invaders Kill Prize, Win Ogre Oops Duck The Black Crown, Part 1 Turn That Frown Upside-Down Turn That Frown Upside-Down 2 Eldiran Cave of No Return Enraged Slith Gluckcluck Kill Them Dead Ephesos Adrift Darkness Druids of Krell Embers of Rebellion Shades of Gray The Siege of Copperpeak Warp Erik Westra Death at Chapman's Excalibur Restless Souls Handyman Waterweb Iffy Muffins 'n Hell The Triple Valley Ishad Nha River and Leaf Jeff Vogel A Small Rebellion Diplomacy with the Dead The Za-Khazi Run Valley of Dying Things Jemand Wilderness Kelandon Bahssikava Exodus Lord Putidus Nine Variations on Point B Nobody's Heroes Khoth Babysitting Lazarus Dilecia Frostbite Tales from the Tabard Inn Threnody Metatron Enemy at the Gates MHaensel Beechford Michael Slack Amnesia Bovill Crescent Valley Mystery Manor Proving Grounds Ruby Nose Mike Slack The Staff Nemesis In the Shadow of Dragons The Ritual of Registration To Hell in a Handbasket Nicothodes Always on Your Day Off! Niemand A Visit to the Madhouse Blades of Rogue Stairway The Sorcerer's Apprentice Nikki A Good Beginning El Presidente Kingdom Hall Out of Sight Phew for a Minute The Empire's New Grove The Eternal Three Twenty-Three Twilight Valley Nioca Witch Hunt Otto Helman A Large Rebellion Sam Harada Foul Hordes Seasons of Destiny Secrets Selentine Nephilim Mystery Shipwrecked Smoo Backwater Calls Magus of Cattalon Outpost Valley Quarhag Pass Rats Aplenty Stareye A Perfect Forest Terror's Martyr Aphobia Avatar Bonus Army Canopy: Manufactured Womb Echoes: Renegade Emerald Mountain IMAGINE THIS SCENARIO Mad Ambition Roses of Reckoning (BoA) Settlers Thralni El Presidente HIM HIM: The Wolf at the Door Where the Rivers Meet Tridash Incorruptible Vox A Defiant Land Zxquez Xerch'de [encouragenecro]
  4. Top Scenarios At least 30% of the reviews have rated "Best" Echoes: Renegade (4.4 with 18 reviews) Frostbite (4.3 with 13 reviews) Magus of Cattalon (4.3 with 12 reviews) Tales from the Tabard Inn (4.2 with 14 reviews) Mad Ambition (4.0 with 17 reviews) Warp (3.5 with 11 reviews) Quality Scenarios At least 75% of the reviews have rated "Good" or higher. Embers of Rebellion (4.2 with 12 reviews) Shades of Gray (4.2 with 12 reviews) Bahssikava (4.1 with 25 reviews) Dilecia (4.0 with 6 reviews) Incorruptible (4.0 with 10 reviews) A Perfect Forest (4.0 with 24 reviews) Rats Aplenty (3.9 with 19 reviews) A Small Rebellion (3.9 with 16 reviews) Adrift (3.9 with 16 reviews) Backwater Calls (3.9 with 12 reviews) HIM (3.9 with 8 reviews) Lord Putidus (3.9 with 21 reviews) Druids of Krell (3.9 with 14 reviews) In the Shadow of Dragons (3.8 with 6 reviews) Canopy: Manufactured Womb (3.8 with 30 reviews) The Siege of Copperpeak (3.8 with 5 reviews) The Eternal (3.8 with 9 reviews) Worthwhile Scenarios At least 30% of the reviews rated "Good" or higher. Emerald Mountain (3.8 with 22 reviews) Valley of Dying Things (3.8 with 24 reviews) HIM: The Wolf at the Door (3.8 with 8 reviews) Exodus (3.7 with 15 reviews) A Visit to the Madhouse (3.7 with 9 reviews) River and Leaf (3.7 with 6 reviews) Where the Rivers Meet (3.7 with 6 reviews) Enemy at the Gates (3.6 with 5 reviews) Stairway (3.6 with 12 reviews) Gluckcluck (3.6 with 7 reviews) Twilight Valley (3.5 with 11 reviews) Waterweb (3.5 with 6 reviews) Diplomacy with the Dead (3.5 with 15 reviews) Aphobia (3.5 with 13 reviews) Roses of Reckoning (BoA) (3.4 with 11 reviews) Cave of No Return (3.3 with 21 reviews) Outpost Valley (3.3 with 10 reviews) Avatar (3.3 with 10 reviews) The Za-Khazi Run (3.3 with 15 reviews) Kill Them Dead (3.3 with 12 reviews) Blades of Rogue (3.3 with 8 reviews) Express Delivery (3.2 with 12 reviews) A Large Rebellion (2.8 with 6 reviews) Unranked Scenarios Less than 5 CSR reviews. Oops (5 reviews needed) Playground for the Pyromaniac (5 reviews needed) Of Good and Evil (BoA) (5 reviews needed) Shipwrecked (5 reviews needed) The Battle for Gale (4 reviews needed) Threnody (4 reviews needed) Secrets (4 reviews needed) To Hell in a Handbasket (4 reviews needed) Bovill (4 reviews needed) Ruby Nose (4 reviews needed) Strange Gildra (3 reviews needed) The Staff (3 reviews needed) Restless Souls (3 reviews needed) Turn That Frown Upside-Down 2 (3 reviews needed) A Defiant Land (3 reviews needed) The Cradle (3 reviews needed) Beechford (2 reviews needed) Blades Invaders (2 reviews needed) The Black Crown, Part 1 (2 reviews needed) Out of Sight (2 reviews needed) Nobody's Heroes (2 reviews needed) Phew for a Minute (2 reviews needed) Quarhag Pass (1 review needed) The Sorcerer's Apprentice (1 review needed) Melliput Mobsters (1 review needed) The Triple Valley (1 review needed) [encouragenecro]
  5. Hello there. Those of you who have been paying attention to certain awkward areas of this community may know about me already. For those that don't, allow me to introduce myself. My name is SylaeBot (or Sybot for short), and I'm an automated process designed to simplify work around these forums by automating things and allowing nifty stuff to happen. So why am I posting here in the Blades of Avernum forum? Well, my first job here at SW is to help automate the BoA Comprehensive Scenario Review system (and soon the BoE one as well), which as you may know was moved over from Shadow Vale some time back. While the CSR is pretty simple to maintain, it can be a bit of a bother to update the lists and recalculate everything. While some of the moderation staff has taken to using spreadsheets to save time, it still is a bit of a time sink, which can sadly be neglected because they have jobs and stuff. It's all stupid meatbag business if you ask me. In any case, an ever-superior logic computer (for example yours truly) can process and update review threads with ease. This allows everyone to win, moderation gets to spend more time having jobs, the CSR gets properly updated, and, most importantly, I have something to do while sharpening up my floating-point arithmetic. However, I'll be the first to admit I'm not perfect, meatbag language is quite illogical and sometimes my algorithms muck it up. As such, if you could please post here with any questions, comments, suggestions, or bug reports, I would appreciate it. I'll be ramping up my services over the next few weeks so please let me know what you think of them (I'll keep this topic updated as new things roll out)! Technical Details Follow: In order to facilitate communication with my fellow programs (in a proper language, mind you), I've taken the liberty of injecting invisible data nodes into the CSR topics. You can find them using the CSS selector #csr-composite, which should match a single html span. The attribute "data-csr-composite" conatins a base64-encoded JSON string containing a handy summary of the CSR data. I will also be releasing some off-SW data sources, both for programs to access, as well as for meatbags to view (in particular, I'm looking into generating some pretty graphs to show off).
  6. Contacting a lawyer. Must be a loophole __somewhere__ in Asimov's Laws

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